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If he lost interest, you don't need to worrying about him getting it back. But if you love him or like him a lot, more than likely, you will worry about him getting it back. I don't know why, but guys don't like it when girls act beat over them. So, act like you don't care (which will be very hard to do. Trust me I know) and occupy yourself with other things. I bet he will start coming back to you then. But don't give in too soon. People dont just lose interest overnite. Evidently he has felt some indifference towards this relationship all along but has just been sort of quiet about it and just going through the motions sometimes men arent so forthcoming about expressing their feelings especially when they have reservations about a relationship and it could be that he never had any incentive or nerve to end it until now. Try to remember that nothing is guaranteed in life least of all the love of another. We cant predict how people will act or react to us. Get out and get busy with your life and even if he comes back I would be very careful about getting myself recommitted to a guy whose only explanation for wanting out is because he got bored with me.

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Q: If he lost interest can he get it back?
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