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that it is over b/c he should love u


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You should go and tell that person that you are in love with. This will clarify all things between you.

how can you tell if someone has moved on

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

Just tell her how u feel then break out and tell her u love her!!!!!

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

You can and you should. If you married her, you must love her. yes of course you can you must tell her at least once a day

Look them in the eyes, and tell them!

"i love you" that usually works

obviously if you cant tell them, then you arent in love. it should come naturally. Answer I agree. If you really love someone you will figure out a way to tell them no matter what it takes!

Experience. Nobody can tell you what you are thinking to any useful degree, and love is something one must discover and define for themselves.

You tell them why you love them... Think, is it their hair, eyes, personality, that makes you love them?

the way to tell someone you love them is just say it to them. okay what if you do tell them that you love them but they just laugh at you or they just say okay , and you don't picture it the way you want it ?!?

You Might not believe it because of something that must of happened with a friend or a family member

If you want to tell someone you love them without saying it...i don't think I'd try that! Just come clean and tell them

then calmy tell him/her that you love him/her.

When you believe they love you back.

be affectionate and tell her she is beautiful. explain why she is beautiful and tell her what you love about her!!!

It's difficult when you love someone with all your heart, but, they have told you they don't love you and as hard as it is you must move on from this relationship. You can't make someone love you.AnswerYou don't. If they ask you, you can either lie or tell them the truth, but really won't get them back or have them love you any more and you just need to move on. If they love you they will tell you, if they don't then keep moving forward. CommentIf they love you they will tell you, if they don't then keep moving forward. Ok but the problem is anyone can say that, if you love him/her than tell them, they could do the same you wrote here

Just tell them the truth. Say that it isn't them it's you and that you can still be friends, but i found someone else, and then apologize. ~kellly101

Yes, if you truly love that person and you know that when they say they love you, they are being truthful, then you should tell them!

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