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If he says that he will for sure arrange for a second date, whether he will do so or not is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, this is a case of wait and see. Keep yourself busy in the meantime and don't be too available. If a guy really likes you, he won't hang around wasting time for a second date. People are busy and everyone has a life, but clever people don't let something, or someone good pass them by.

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Should you ask a girl out if you aren't sure if she likes you back?

Sure! There's no reason you cant ask her on date. And even if she says know that you tried.

What do girls do on first date?

make sure that you don't burp guys get disgusted by that and on the first date after dinner kiss him but don't say i love you only if he says it

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How do you ask a girl for a second date?

After dating the girl for the second time and you guys are done and it's time to go home, before leaving be like I think you are very fun and beautiful and I would love to take you for a second date, will you please. But keep one thing in mind make sure your first date with the girl was nice and fun and she liked it before asking for the second date!

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Do you give a rose on a second date?

Sure. Not a dozen or anything, but one is fine. You want to show that you've thought about her but not that your obsessed.

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Would Nick Jonas date a girl who everyone says is pretty but she is black?

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How do you get a hot guy to kiss you?

You ask him if he wants to see a movie with you or something like that. You probably won't get to kiss him on the first date, but make sure that what you pick as your first date is something that he finds interesting. You should make sure of this because if the first date is good, then he will probably go on a second date with you. Make sure all of the dates appeal to him and make sure he doesn't get bored. Also, be yourself and a combination of all these things should get the hot guy to kiss you.

Is there a second Titanic?

I'm not very sure if there is a second titanic or not but i do know for sure that there is a second titanic movie.

What if a guy calls you after the first date but hasn't called to schedule a second when he said he would?

He's probably not sure or he doesn't know yet

When will UPTU 2008-2009 second semester result come?

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When will uptu second semester result 2008-2009 announced?

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How can a guy tell if a girl wants him to ask her out on a date?

well, if she looks at you alot, or says yourname to one of her friends, you will never know for sure if you dont ask.

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What does it mean when you ask a girl to dance and she says when is it it seems like a yes or just asking when is it?

It is not a yes but it is not a no either. She is asking you the date of the dance to make sure that she can go.

Duties and responsibilities of saleslady?

Arrange the goods in a proper way be sure the cusotmer satisfied in our service