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Give him a note that asks him if he likes you. Tell him to be honest.

and if he asks you if you really like him you must absolutely tell your honesty to him

if he says yes he likes you alot then you two should go out but let him ask you out

Justain: ok im a guy and if hes ignoring you that proboly means he likes you ask him in real life or on a phone if he likes you but done seem desperate and if you don't even know him don't just go up to him and ask him! Also make sure your the one to tell him!

(other answer) Mikayla: Ok well tht will let him know tht u r interested but don't do tht because it will put him on the spot. Flirt! Play hard to get! That's what I do and now i have had over 12 boyfriends. I am dating right now and i am in 6th grade. If you just want him to like you FLirt as hard as you can.

So if he likes what you do he will definetly ask you out by the end of the day. :)

another answer: Emma: In sixth grade, some boys arent always thinking about girls yet although some probably are. It can be cringey asking a boy if they like you and if youre shy like me you will probably wait for a boy to ask you out. If you really want to know, drop subtle hints like get a good friend to ask him who he likes without mentioning you. If he says another girl, he might still like you a bit but its unlikely. If he says no one it could just be that hes too shy to say and you should definatley tell him you like him once you are friends with him. This has all worked for me and i am happy to help!

Good luck xx

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He likes you he likes you not there is this boy i really like we go to the same martial arts group and the same school we have different friend groups he knows i like him what do i do?

finger him in gym class?

Why does the guy you like transfer to your class for you in which you guys were in the same class last year and he showed signs that he likes you?

If you like him go over and ask him out

What does that mean if the guy you like transfer to your class for you in which you guys were in the same class last year and he showed signs that he likes you?

if he shows you a sigh he likes you then you should like him back since he has feelings for you and there will be nothing to be shy about.

What if a boy likes you and has the same birthday as you and is in the same grade as you?

again, go with it

What grade in America is 6th class in Ireland?

It is the same in America, only it is called 6th grade, not class.

What are your alternatives if your friend wants to copy your paper from last semester?

They will get the same grade that you did. They might like you use something from their old class if they had that class

How can i get a guy to like me and ask me to be his girlfriend we are in third grade same class?

you dont because you are too young

What are ways on how to know if a guy who goes to the same school but a different class likes you?

He will like your statuses on facebook.

What do you do if a class mate in your third grade class has their birthday the same as yours?


What grade is 7 out of 10?

That's up to the teacher. It's not the same grade in all classes, and it's not even the same grade on all tests in the same class.

There is a boy in you like in fifth grade but he's not in the same class as you how do you ask him to be your boyfriend?

send him a luv letter & tell him how you feel

What if you told your guy friend that you liked someone in your class and he is in the same class and keeps asking who do you like repeatedly does that mean he likes her?

No it means he's nosy and wants to know who it is!

How do you get a 7th grade girl who is taller then you and you think she likes you to get her to ask you out im in 8th grade i like her?

If you think that she likes you, dont wait for her to ask you out. If anything she's waiting for you to do the exact same. Because you only think that she likes you, and you definitely know you like her, summon up the courage and ask her out. Or just start talking a bit more and it wont seem as hard.

Ok you like a girl 12 turning 13 you are turning 14 both going in the same grade 8 both go to the same church and you flirt with her she know you like her but how do you find out if she likes you?

Ask her

What do you do if your friend likes the same guy you like and he likes her to?

find someone else to like

I like this boy and he likes me and i know he likes me he doesn't know what should i do?

im a boy just wait it out or if your in school and the same class if your teacher says get a partner then try to get any chance you can be their partner.

Why is the guy you like always around you like exercising around you and talking around you in gym class?

either he/she likes you back or he/she just happens to go to the same places.

I'm 13-years-old and I like this guy in my grade. I think he likes me but he's 14 so what should I do?

Ask him out! You are in the same grade, so if you like him and you know he likes you back, go with the flow! Who knows, you might be a deep relationship with him, and live happy together for a while if not for a very long time.

How do you know that a 8th grade girl likes you and you are in the same grade to?

Ignore her completely if she likes you she will wonder why you didn't talk to her, and all these questions will run through her mind, if she truly likes you she will talk constantly asking you a lot of questions and then you will know if she wants to go out with you or not,

I'm in an advanced class and my mom is pissed about me having a B plus and she is punishing me like wtf anyone help?

uuuuuhhhmmmmmm maybe you should like make a list of everyones grade in the class and have them sign it to show your mom you have the same grades as everyone else in the class

How do i get a fourth grade boy to like a fourth grade girl?

Ok, first you have to go up to this girl and ask her what she thinks of this boy. If she says she likes him, your work here is done. If she doesn't then ask the boy the same question.

Why wouldn't the guy you like who likes you too say yes when your friend asks him if he likes any girl in your class?

Well im a dude who was shy and i really liked some. i got asked the same question and answerd it the same. its because they are shy

How do you know that a 4TH grade boy likes you?

i wondered the exact same thing in fourth grade! but since my little sister's in that grade, this is how she can tell he likes her. he is always teasing her in a sweet way or giving her a high five. he looks a her a lot and once even let a smile slip out! a friend told him that she likes him too, and he smiled. but it all depends on his confidence, and if he likes girls yet,

How do you get a girlfriend in the fourth grade?

when you are in 4th grade and at the same school as last year and some girls liked you and you didn't know some one will tell you. in 4th then if you like who likes you ask them out you don't need to be in 4th twice to get a girlfriend.

You really like this boy in your class but you dont know if he likes mewhat should you do?

i really really like this boy in my class but i dont know if he feels the same way.we have only 5months till we leave jks to go to different schools !!!!!!!!i need to know if he feels the same way what should i do????????