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If i am in 6th grade and a boy i like is in 6th grade and is in the same class how do i ask if he likes me?


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September 12, 2011 9:20PM

Give him a note that asks him if he likes you. Tell him to be honest.

and if he asks you if you really like him you must absolutely tell your honesty to him

if he says yes he likes you alot then you two should go out but let him ask you out

Justain: ok im a guy and if hes ignoring you that proboly means he likes you ask him in real life or on a phone if he likes you but done seem desperate and if you don't even know him don't just go up to him and ask him! Also make sure your the one to tell him!

(other answer) Mikayla: Ok well tht will let him know tht u r interested but don't do tht because it will put him on the spot. Flirt! Play hard to get! That's what I do and now i have had over 12 boyfriends. I am dating right now and i am in 6th grade. If you just want him to like you FLirt as hard as you can.

So if he likes what you do he will definetly ask you out by the end of the day. :)

another answer: Emma: In sixth grade, some boys arent always thinking about girls yet although some probably are. It can be cringey asking a boy if they like you and if youre shy like me you will probably wait for a boy to ask you out. If you really want to know, drop subtle hints like get a good friend to ask him who he likes without mentioning you. If he says another girl, he might still like you a bit but its unlikely. If he says no one it could just be that hes too shy to say and you should definatley tell him you like him once you are friends with him. This has all worked for me and i am happy to help!

Good luck xx