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posiblly leaves,grubworms,

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What is the conflict in hatchet?

okay well Brian got stranded in the middle of nowhere and with no food or people or anything to help him survive.

What happened when brian got stranded in the hatchet?

he had to live in the wilderness with only his hatchet but then he got the survival pack from the plane and he gets saved

What do cockroaches need to survive?

you have got to give it food

Who were the two boys that got stranded on the island in lord of the flies?

the two boys that got stranded on the island are Bill and Robert.

How did the gold rush people survive?

they ate food and got water and basic finantcuall

Where does Lord of the Flies take place?

On An Island That The Characters Got Stranded On.

How can you survive on Neptune?

First of all, by the time you got to Neptune you would be dead. Second, there is no food, water, or oxygen!

How do ramo and his sister get stranded alone on the island?

They got dropped off on a boat

How many times did Jesus got tempted?

Jesus got tempted thrice in the wilderness by Satan.

How did the Cherokees survive?

They got food by hunting, fishing, & farming. They built shelters from poles and wood. they made their own clothes.

Where do they talk about Devil's Mouth in The Cay?

That is where Timothy, Phillip and Stew Cat got stranded

What happened to the western wilderness after 1806?

more trees got cut?

What did buck meet in the wilderness in one of his times of roaming?

Me. We got married

What is the Japanese word for wilderness?

荒野 (got it from google translate)

When did the Israelites forget what God had done for them?

When Moses was leading the people in the wilderness and they got fed up of eating manna each day , nd wanted good food that they had in Egypt.

What were Pyramid builders paid with?

food, shelter, and other things to survive. just go on, shelter, and other things to survive. just go on, shelter, and other things to survive. just go on, shelter, and other things to survive. just go on google.they weren't paid they were slaves therefor no payAlternate Answer:The elite core of skilled workers and scribes were paid in kind as money had not been invented. They too would got their food, vast quantities of beer, a town to live in and even health care.As for the slaves just food and shelter and other things to survive.

Did the Israelites have quails in the wilderness?

yes they complained about the food so God sent them quail and fish. Those who ate too much got sick and died (Numbers ch.11).

Who resorted to cannibalism to survive in the wilderness?

I believe you are referring to the Donner Party. This group was headed to California via wagon train but due to a late start, got snowed in somewhere (near Truckee Lake) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

How do dingoes survive alone?

They find something to eatfind somewhere to livefind a place where they know its safe and has got food around

What did john Cabot do to prepare for his journey?

he prepared his ships and got money from the supporter's and got food from the market to survive his trip. he got some cloths for all the Supporter's to keep him alive. he only had one boat and a few members for a crew so he packed as much stuff he could so they could survive the harsh weather.

Why do hamsters keep food in the cheeks?

Its their instinct, that is how they store food in the wild. So, they do it to survive, not really. That's all I got. Hamster usually keep its food in their cheeks its because whenever they'r hungry they(hamsters)will just swallow their food(its original)

What movie from the 90's I believe and not the Swiss Family Robinson but with a father and son and 2 daughters is about a family that get stranded on a winter island?

Book Title: Four Against the Wilderness Movie Title: Anything to Survive or Almost to Late I got online to find this movie but all I found was your question. After much digging and research I was able to locate titles. However, I haven't been able to locate a copy of the movie yet. Good Luck and let me know if you find it available.

What days did the wilderness campaign take place?

The Federal offensive got under way on May 4 and the Battle of the Wilderness took place on May 5 and 6, 1864.

Would the US survive without global food trade?

Mostly the answer is no, because food travels around the world and we get food from other places that we love. For example, some of us even like Chinese food, and instead we get Italian food. Think about it, what's your favorite kind of food? What happened if it got replaced by one type of food that you hate the most and you would have to eat it everyday. Everyone has a different sense of taste so no, the US will not survive without global food trade.

How did Pocahontas survive?

well she did not survive,when she arrived in England,she got a sickness call the pleg and died

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