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There are not any apples in the barrel of grapes! It's a barrel of grapes! How could there be apples in there?!!

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Q: If it takes a man to walk a mile how many apples are in a barrel of grapes?
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May has 4 apples and 19 grapes how many more grapes does she have?

May has 15 more grapes than apples.

A sandwich shop is ordering apples and grapes to make a chicken salad. Apples cost 1.25 per pound and grapes cost 2.60 pound. If they ordered a total of 20 pounds apples and grapes and paid 35.80, how many pounds of grapes did they order?

3.85 pound grapes

How many peas in a barrel of grapes?


'if it takes a man a week to walk a fortnight how many apples in a pound and half of pears'?

There is no direct correlation between the time it takes a man to walk a fortnight and the quantity of apples or pears in a pound and a half. The weight of apples and pears are measured in pounds, and the quantity varies depending on the size and weight of each individual fruit.

How many pears grapes and apples from Washington grown in a year?

l lot

If i have 3 apples and sombody takes away 2 how many apples will i have?

1, unless somebody else takes that one away. Hold on to your apples.

How many apples needed to make a pint of cider?

I like apples I do, I also like grapes, but my mum wont let me eat them after 7pm as I tend to get a little excited then I wont sleep.It takes about 10 lbs of apples to make 1 gallon of apple cider. The number of apples per pound depends on the size of the apple.

How many apples does it take to fill a car?

it takes 100,000,000 apples to fill a car

How many kilos make a barrel?

There are many different 'Barrels' . Beer, wine, cooking oil, apples, carrots, cranberries, potatoes and more all have different amounts in a barrel.

How many fruits have six letters?

grapes, orange, raisin, tomato, papaya, banana, prunes, cherry, apples, casaba

How many fruits go with apples?

you can use grapes, cantelope nad honeydew things of that nature..try to avoid tropical fruits because i wouldn't call apples "exotic" or tropical.

If it takes a man a week to walk a fortnight how many apples are in a grape?

This is a very silly question but their are not apples in a grape