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Q: If its 8pm eastern time what time is it pacific time?
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What time is 8PM eastern standard time in pacific standard time?

8PM Eastern = 7PM Central = 6PM Mountain = 5PM Pacific

What is 8pm eastern time in pacific time?


What is 8pm pacific time in eastern time zone?


If it is 8pm pacific time what time is it in eastern time zone?

11 pm

What time is 5 pm Pacific time in the Eastern time zone?

It would be 8pm in the Eastern Time zone.

What time do the Oscars start in 2011?

5pm pacific 8pm eastern

What time is 5 PM pacific time in eastern time zone?

3:00PM Eastern time (That's bullshet! 5pm pacific is 8pm eastern. I made a sn just because whoever answered this is so cracked out I couldn't stand to leave it this way.)

What time is 9 pm eastern time in GMT?


What time is it in London if it is 3pm eastern time in the US?


What time is primetime in the US?

There is primetime in the United States. On the Pacific Coast of the United States, it is from 7pm to 10pm. Using Eastern Time, it is 8pm to 11pm. From 7pm to 10pm is the primetime using Central Time. Using Mountain Time is from 8pm to 11pm.

What time is 8pm eastern standard time in south Africa?


If 8pm in central time zone what time is it in Pacific time zone?

6 pm

What time is 830 eastern time in pacific?

08.30am Eastern is 05.30am Pacific

What time does Target close on New Year's Eve?

At 8pm eastern time

If it is 9 am pacific time what time is it in eastern time?

09.00 am Pacific is 12.00 noon Eastern.

What time does how i met your mother start?

7pm central/8pm Eastern

What time is kickoff of cotton bowl?

8pm Eastern on January 7th.

When it is 12 noon Pacific time what time is it in London?

When it is 12noon Pacific time, it is 8pm in London. (8 time zones aheadis London)

What time is 200 am pacific time in the eastern time zone?

2 AM Pacific Time = 5 AM Eastern Time

What time is 11am pacific time in eastern time?

When it is 11 am Pacific Time, it is 2 pm Eastern Time.

What is 4 o'clock eastern time in pacific time zone?

4 O'Clock Eastern = 1 O'Clock Pacific. 4 AM Eastern = 1 AM Pacific.

What time is 2pm pacific time in eastern time?

When it is 2 pm Pacific time, it is 5 pm Eastern Time.

Is 11 am eastern standard time 1 pm pacific daylight time?

no, pacific time is 3 hours earlier than eastern time. 11 am eastern = 8 am pacific

What is 10 am eastern time to pacific time?

7 AM Pacific time.

What time is ten o'clock pm pacific time in the eastern time zone?

10pm pacific is 2am eastern