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yes if they have your name on it

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Q: If legally separated are you responsible for their medical or credit card bills?
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What debts are legally reportable on a credit file?

Everything but, medical and utilities.......

If you and your spouse are separated but still legally married can you be held responsible for the debts incurred after the physical separation?

You'd better believe it. Even if the Judge rules that you are not responsible for certain debts, the credit card companies don't care. They will come after you anyway and your credit report will be affected. If you have a "legal" separation" read what it says about these debts. Contact the credit bureau and place a notice in the file that you are legally separated and not responsible for the spouse's debts. This may prevent the spouse from getting more credit. Doubt it will help what has already been done, but do everything you can to get the records clear on that subject. Then cancel all credit cards in both names and open new cards in your name only. Close your checking account and get new one. Then get the divorce rolling. Only when you are legally divorced are you safe from any future debts incurred by the spouse.

Can an unauthorized credit card user be responsible for debt that was charged?

If you were unauthorized, you can be held legally -- and possibly ciminally -- responsible for any debt you incurred.

Is it true that medical collections cannot legally be placed on your personal credit report?

if they are in your name, yes they can

Are primary and co applicants the same thing in credit situations?

The primary and co applicants both have the credit attached to their credit scores. They are also both legally responsible for the debt incurred.

Are both spouses responsible for charges on a joint credit card when separated?

Yes. That's why you shouldn't share an account.

Is a husband legally responsible for credit cards opened by wife in husband's name without his authorization?

The credit is the property and responsibilty of the bearer (the one who's name is on it)

If a credit union makes a deposit into your account in error but does not correct until 12 days later are you responsible for the money you unknowingly spent?

Legally you will be responsible as the payment was an error.,

In Missouri is the spouse responsible for credit card debt when the other one dies?

If the surviving spouse was not an account holder then he or she is not responsible for repayment of the debt. FYI, authorized users are likewise not legally responsible for credit card debt as it is assumed the AU has no control over how the account is handled.

In Pennsylvania is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse's medical and credit card debt?

No, the spouse is not responsible. However it does come out there assets left behind.

Is a 17 yr old responsible for a credit card he lied on his age to get?

No he is not responsible for the debt as a 17 year old cannot enter into a legally binding contract. However, he would be responsible for the fraud.

What does it mean to co-sign for a credit card?

The co-signer for a credit card is the person who becomes legally and financially responsible for the debt on the credit card should the other card holder find themselves unable to pay it.

How much does an executer of an estate get in new york?

Who is responsible for parents death for credit cards medical bills etc.

How does a co-signers credit for get affected if the car he signed for is reposessed?

The co-signer will also have a repossession showing on their credit as well. The co-signer is just as legally responsible for the car as the person they signed for.

I am the primary and my exhusband is the joint holder on our credit cards who is responsible?

You are both responsible - morally and legally. If one fails to pay the monthly bill, the other is then responsible. You use the word "joint" so I am assuming that both names are on the account.

If your married is your spouse responsible for your medical bills if you don't pay when your name not on the bills?

when you are married and your spouse don't pay his / her medical bills are you responsible for the bills when your name not on the bills and when they call they don't ask for me they ask for him and can they report it to the credit report

What can you do if a credit card on which you were an authorized user is showing up as a charge off on your credit report?

Authorized users are not legally responsible for debt. Contact the crediting bureau and despute the item (explaining the circumstances.) They have to remove it!

Is a spouse responsible for credit card debts in the other spouse's name?

Only if the married couple reside in a community property state or the spouse is a joint account holder. An "authorized user" is not considered an account holder and is not legally responsible for debt incurred on a credit card account.

How many credit reports are you legally entitled to per year from each credit bureau?

You are legally entitled to three credit report per year from each credit bureau.

Is the husband responsible for a credit card debt if he and his wife are not legally divorced but she has credit cards in her name only and racks up a large debt?

Yes, you are married. For years I didnt even work or have credit cards, but I established credit due to my husbands last name, because we are married.

In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

In Ohio is the spouse responsible for the other spouse credit card debt?

credit card debt is reserved to all the names that were used when the credit card was applied for so even in divorce situations where the judge has split the debt it is not legally removed from you if your name was on the account

If you are a married man and the wife dies and had credit accounts in her name only are you liable for her debt?

the husband will not be responsible for any credit accounts that his name has not been included. the credit companies sometimes try to threaten or make you feel guilty but legally they don't have a leg to stand on.

Where can one apply for a student credit card?

One can apply for a student credit card when one is legally considered an adult. In the United States, that is eighteen years old. Prior to that, teenagers may use credit cards if their parents are responsible for the purchases and payments on the card.

If you are an authorized user on your husbands credit cards and you are getting a divorce can you be sued for the balance if he is incarcerated?

No. As an authorized user, you are not legally responsible for his debt. Now, credit score wise, even though you did not create the soon to be bad debt, it still shows up on your credit report.