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To get this straight you are asking if a man had a child not to his wife, would his wife have to pay any child support for that child that is not hers? No she does not have to pay, the man does, but in saying that if the amount is direct credited out of the mans bank account that is in joint names with the wife then it seems she is paying, and in a way she is paying if you do share all finances as husband and wife she misses out on the money that the man must pay for child support.

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If a married man father a child outside his marriage can his wife be ordered to pay his child support in Alabama?

It isn't his wives child.

Do you have to pay alimony if you're not married in Georgia?

No. Alimony is ordered as part of the dissolution of a marriage. Unmarried partners are not entitled to alimony. See related question link.No. Alimony is ordered as part of the dissolution of a marriage. Unmarried partners are not entitled to alimony. See related question link.No. Alimony is ordered as part of the dissolution of a marriage. Unmarried partners are not entitled to alimony. See related question link.No. Alimony is ordered as part of the dissolution of a marriage. Unmarried partners are not entitled to alimony. See related question link.

Was Helen Keller married to peter fagan?

No, they were never married. They were engaged secretly, and were going to elope. But when he applied for a marriage license, the information was out and Helen's mother and teacher prevented the marriage. Helen was taken away to her mother's house. Peter was ordered out of her life.

How many same-sex couples have married in Morgan County Indiana?

A number on how many same sex couples have been married since the judge ordered them to be allowed to has not yet been released.

Can an immigrant who is a convicted felon and married to a US citizen be deported?

Yes, the marriage does not give a person immunity from having his or her immigration status revoked and deportation ordered.

Does your baby have to have the father's last name to get child support?

No, taking the father's last name is not a requirement. Demonstrating that the child is actually fathered by the man is a requirement. That may require court-ordered tests or affidavits. Having been married to the father can make things much simpler.

Who was anne Boleyn married to?

She was obviously married to Henry VIII but the theory goes that first she was married to a young man by the name of Henry Percy, whom she loved very much. Her infamous hatred of Cardinal Wolsey was because he was ordered to split up their marriage, as the king wanted Anne all to himself

In Indiana if you get a foreclosure against you can they garnish your wages?

Yes, in if you get a foreclosure against you in Indiana, they can definitely garnish your wages. However, they can only garnish wages if it is ordered by the court.

Does child support stop when a 17 year old is married?

That will depend entirely on the laws of the jurisdiction in question. In some, marriage means emancipation and that would end the payments. But the court may have ordered something different.

Does marriage have a place in the 21st century?

No marriage isn't valued as it used to be any more. People get together before marriage and start a family. People feel intimidated with the traditions of getting married in a church in a strictly ordered fashion.Marriage doesn't have to be there you can start a bond or relationship with friendship and just cause you're not married doesn't mean that you are not together as partners.People have got on fine without marriage. However someone may disagree with me and say that marriage is very much valued today as most people get married and it proves that there is an intimate relationship between two and it stands as a chain between people when they forget who they're acting wrongly to. I have just considered two points of view.

Osage Orange where can you buy seedlings?

Musser Nursery, in Indiana, Pa., has these trees. I just ordered some of them.

Is a spouse financially responsible for back child support incurred before marriage?

Well, the spouse that is subject to the child support and responsible for whatever the courts have ordered. Your question is some what confusing, since it seems that you married someone to whom had a child support order upon you. If that occurred, you would still be liable for what the court ordered regardless, unless a request to modify was made and ordered by the courts.

If you are married who has custody of the child?

both until court ordered otherwise

When was same-sex marriage legalized in Iowa?

Gay marriage was first briefly allowed after the ruling of Varnum_v._Brien, 2007 August 30 where a judge ruled for gay marriage in Iowa. The judge ordered a temporary stay on gay marriage the next day pending appeal, but by then several gay couples had already been married.On 2009 April 3, the Iowa supreme court upheld this decision, making gay marriage legal. Marriage licenses were available to gay couples in Iowa as of 2009 April 27.

Was Saint Lucy married?

No, Lucy was not married. She had professed a vow of chastity and was ordered to be killed by the Roman emperor when she refused to marry a pagan.

Was Pope Urban II married?

Pope Urban II was not married.John W. Casperson (A Chalice of Miracles) says that not only was Pope Urban II not married, he even ordered married priests to be imprisoned and their wives and children sold into slavery, and the proceeds go to the church. He only allowed clergy to have mistresses, provided they paid an annual fee called the 'callagium' to the papacy. There is no doubt he considered marriage an improper state for clergy.

Can a same-sex couple be married through court?

If "through court" you mean civil marriage performed by a judge, then yes, but only in states and countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized. If you mean can they be married by court order, then this is another question. There have been cases where same-sex couples have sued for the right to marry and courts have ordered the state to permit same-sex marriage. Massachusetts and California are examples of this. Another twist to the question would be the situation in most of Brazil, where a same-sex couple must first obtain a civil union, then ask for a judge to legally convert it to a marriage.

How long do you have to pay alimony in the state of Alabama?

When a couple divorces, alimony is often ordered as part of the divorce settlement. In the state of Alabama, if a couple was married less than10 years, alimony is paid for half the number of years of marriage. If married longer than ten years, alimony could continue until the spouse dies or remarries.

Can a green card be ordered returned if divorce starts after the green card is issued?

Yes, if the marriage was made in bad faith.

You ordered something in North Carolina how long would it take to arrive in Indiana?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Can a divorce in Indiana be stopped if parenting classes have not been ordered by a judge?

In the state of Indiana, it is law for you to go to a parenting class before a judge will sign your divorce decree if you have children. In fact you can't even get a hearing if you have not completed the class. You are supposed to complete the class within 30 days of filing for divorce. It does not need to be ordered by a judge since it is already a law.

How does a man get full custody of children without marriage?

If you were not married when the child was born you have to prove paternity in court by a DNA test and if she refuses you can get a court ordered one. Then you can petition for custody, visitation and pay child support. Unless the mother is unfit they will not give you full custody though.

What are father's rights in the state of Illinois?

Married fathers have equal rights until court ordered otherwise, but single fathers have no rights until court ordered. see links below

Why would New York law force a man to pay child support for children his ex wife had with her new husband?

This question is notable for a lack of details. Before support is ordered, the court must satisfy itself as to paternity. This case involves a child born during the marriage, so the man was ordered to pay child support even though she is now married to the biological father. These cases are common.

Can you use a same-sex marriage certificate to change your name on your driver's license?

In states where same-sex marriage is legal, yes. The only legal name change document you need is your same-sex marriage certificate. There is no need to obtain a court ordered name change.