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Child support would generally go to the person raising the child. Mother might even be ordered to pay to father.

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Q: If mother terminates her rights does father pay child support?
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If a father terminates his rights can he collect child support from the mother if the child lives with him?

if the mother terminates her rights can he collect child support from the mother if child lives with him?

When a mother terminates her rights who does the father pay child support to?

Probably to the County Social Services Dept. if the kid(s) are in foster homes.

Does a mother have to pay child support if she terminates her parental rights?

yes, unless/until the child is adopted

In Montana if a father terminates parental rights does he still pay child support?

It's likely that the father will still owe support until/unless the child is adopted. see links

If a father terminates his parental rights does he still pay child support in the State of Wisconsin?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

If a father terminates his parental rights does the mother have to give up the child for adoption if the mother is a single parent?

If the father terminates his parental rights the single mother can legally and solely have full custody of that child as long as the courts decide that she is capable of working and providing a safe environment for the child. There are times that the parents of the young mother, or possibly grandparents will help in looking after the child if the mother is a minor and finishing her education and the courts will often look favorably on this.

If the father does not pay child support for more then a year can the mother get full custody or can she get the father's parental rights revoked?

Yes as the father has become a defaulter then the mother can get full custody and have the parental rights of the father revoked.

Does child support continue for father after mother gets his parental rights terminated?

Yes. And it's not the mother who gets his rights terminated, it is the court.

Can a mother give up her rights to the father?

Yes, if the mother does not want the child and the father is willing to take the child. Then the mother may sign her rights over to the father if the father is able to take of the child. Signing over one's rights will not terminate child support obligation(s).

Can the father terminate the mother's rights if she gave the baby up to safe haven?

Termination of parental rights, TPR, is a long and very difficult, complex process. You need to be in touch with the child welfare agency in your area, and with an attorney. And by the way, neither parent terminates the rights of the other. It is the authority of the state that terminates parental rights.

Can the father relinquish his rights and not pay child support if the mother do not want him to?

Normally you would not be allowed to relinquish your rights just to avoid paying support, but, you are allowed to do so if the mother doesn't want the support money.

Biological mother signs her rights away to the grandmother does biological mother still have to pay support?

No,the same rules apply wether you are the father or the mother you are not obligated to pay support.

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