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If you have theft insurance with your policy, yes. It should not matter where your vehicle was stolen.

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if you don't have an up to date MOT then your insurance is null and void. if your car is stolen then you are only covered if you have fully comp insurance!

If YOUR belongings were in the friend's car and they were stolen, they are covered on YOUR homeowners or renters policy. If your friend's belongings were stolen from a car, HIS or HER homeowners/renters policy would pay.

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental while my truck was in the shop.

Theft is not the same as accidents. If you drive a car, whether it is in your name or someone else's name, and you have an accident, then your own insurance is applicable, but if someone else's car is stolen, that doesn't seem to involve you. Presumably you were not in the car when it was stolen, right? What involvement do you have?

If you try to get theft insurance after the car is stolen you will go to Jail! The insurance companies have no sense of humour about FRAUD! Penalty for Insurance Fraud in the U.S. is up to 20 years in prison.

how to find my stolen car when i have the thiefs name Call the police.

It depends on your insurance. If you only have third party insurance you get nothing. If it is a full comprehensive insurance, and if your car is not recovered, you will get compensation which will be the present market value of that car

Unfortunately - yes, rental cars do get stolen. Most rental comapnies have theft insurance, but usually have some sort of deductible. Rental cars get stolen from customers all the time. If you were to accept the Lost Damage Waiver from most companies, the car would be covered, there is NO deductible. Now if you were to leave the keys in the car, or give them to someone and they took off with the car; you are out of luck. This is correct. LDW/CDW (depends on the state) would cover the car as long as the contract was not violated and as long as it wasn't stolen due to your neglect to protecting the car.

No, Money stolen from your Financial Institution is covered by your Financial Institution

I am sure that the kid was stolen in the car.

If you got a call and your car was in anoter state then if you wanted it back then you would have to go to that state and get it back usually at an impound lot.

You can check whether your car is stolen or not just by having a number plate. The not only car you can go for stolen motorbike check incase you need to know whether your bike is stolen or not before buying it.

You are committing a crime if you knew the car not to be stolen.

It basically means if you own the car you have to register or license the car to legally drive it in your state. They need to know who legally owns the car. You will get the new plates if it was bought from out of state and if there is an accident or the car is stolen the state will know who the registered owner is.

No, cash is not covered, same on homeowners policy, not covered.

YOU are responsible for the debt that is secured by the "stolen" car. Be sure to make a police report on the 'stolen" car.

No. Normally personal property stolen from a vehicle is covered by the contents coverage of your homeowner's or renters insurance. But in many homeowners and renter's policies there is a severe limit on the amount of cash covered or it may be excluded altogether.

If it is being used as a replacement for your vehicle, because your vehicle can not be used because it is broken down, need of service or stolen, it is covered. If not, it most likely is not.

Yes, they can. They can't finance you car if your car is a stolen car. When you put your car from a finance company, make sure that your car isn't stolen and bought it in a big car company.

has car ever been listed as stolen?

If your a passenger in a stolen car and know for a fact the car is stolen because the ignition was tampered with or you know the driver does not own the car then you can be charged with : 1. accessory after the fact travelling in a stolen car The only way to avoid the charge you would have to have the driver defend you by saying you did not know the car was stolen.

Each city and state will have their own laws as to how long to hold a recovered stolen car. They could hold the car up until the court date of the accused thief.