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If no orders are established and you were not married to him, you already have sole custody.

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Can a judge order a child removed from the biological mother's custody?

If the mother is proven unfit or incapable of caring for the child the court can order the child be removed from her physical custody. It is, however, extremely rare for the court to take away alll the rights of a mother to her child.

If a twelve year old is removed from their adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother can they?

the child is in cps custody and is telling everyone that they don't want to return to the abuse in the adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother does the twelve year old have rights here in Arizona

What is your fathers cousin to you?

They would be a cousin once removed.

Can a biological parent adopt their child from the legal guardian?

The answer depends on the details. It depends on the reason for the guardianship. If the child was removed from the parent's custody and placed with a guardian the parent may or may not be able to regain custody. If the parent's parental rights were terminated they cannot get legal custody of the child back. If the parent consented to a temporary guardianship and the parent is now better able to care for the child the guardianship can be terminated and custody restored to the parent. It would not be necessary for the parent to adopt the child.

Can a Mexican mother have custody of her daughter so they can return to Mexico since she can't work to support her child in the U S?

Only the court can approve the child being removed from the country, which is unlikely, as Mexico does not honor fathers parental rights.

What percentage of children that are removed from parents are given to grandparents for permanent custody?

Not enough unfortunately. Usually, if the child is removed from both parents' care before legal guardianship is established, the child is remanded to the custody of the state. At that point, it becomes more difficult (and expensive) for grandparents to gain custody. There are heartbreaking stories all over the place of grandparents trying in vain to get custody of their grandchildren.

If the biological father is deceased and the child has been removed from bio mom by social services will the child go to the stepfather who wants custody?

Long as he is the immediate next of kin who is physically and mentally able to take care of the child. Also he has to be the only one who wants him/her.

What happens to dogs testicles when neutered?

They're removed and destroyed as biological waste

What is removed when large biological molecules are synthesized?

A molecule of water is removed with the binding of two monomers. For this reason, it is called a dehydration reaction.

You are in Mexico and your wife and son are in the US What can you do to get Washington Child Protective Services to give you custody of your son who was removed from your wife's custody?

You need to appear in the court that has jurisdiction and petition for custody.You need to appear in the court that has jurisdiction and petition for custody.You need to appear in the court that has jurisdiction and petition for custody.You need to appear in the court that has jurisdiction and petition for custody.

What is your fathers cousins child's child to your child?

They would be a second cousin, once removed.

Who is the actress in new O2 ad?

your distant cousin, twice removed on your fathers side...

What relation to me is my mothers fathers brothers son?

He would be your first cousin once removed.

Is punching your child in the stomach a spanking?

NO! It's child abuse for which you can be arrested and your child removed from your custody.

What rights does a citizen from Norway married to a US female citizen have in a divorce in the state of Maryland and in a custody of the child and rights of both parents?

Custody issues are difficult enough for fathers. Throwing in a foreign citizenship only complicates this further. Certainly the court would not desire having the child removed from the jurisdiction of the US. This will need to be decided exclusively on the merit of the individual case. see links

What can you do to have executor removed if she is not preforming the duties as the executor of your fathers will?

Petition the court to have them removed and replaced. In such cases the court is likely to appoint an attorney to serve as the executor.

If abandonment or desertion how do remove the name from the deed?

The name can only be removed by a court order. You should consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options.

Is there a way of removing an executor if they have moved out of the country?

Yes. Executors are forbidden from abandoning estate assets or the obligation to handle the estate properly. Some states will consider moving to another country as such an abandonment would most likely be taken as an abandonment. The state where the will was probated will have statutes that outline the situations in which an executor may be removed from office. One of those instances is abandonment of estate assets. That state's probate court will have a procedure to file a complaint alleging the facts of the abandonment and demanding that the court remove the executor. The state's laws and court rules will direct the manner in which the complaint is to be served on the executor and if service is properly made, the court will proceed to look into the matter. If the executor fails to appear, the court will remove him or her. If the executor appears and denies the allegations of abandonment, the matter will proceed to trial. If abandonment is proved at trial, the executor will be removed. If it is not proved, the executor will not be removed. However, the court might require the executor to post a surety bond to protect the beneficiaries in case the executor does abandon things in the future.

How are you related to your fathers first cousin?

Your father's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed.

Can i be kicked out at 16 In Texas?

A parent can turn a teenager over to state custody and get them removed from the home at 16.

Can birth mom who has had parental rights removed give full custody of newborn to father?

She will not have any custody to give since she no longer have parental rights. The father have to go to court to petition for custody as soon as he has established paternity through a DNA test.

What does awarded of the state mean?

Awarded of the state doesn't mean anything.A ward of the state is a child who is in the custody of the state, because he/she has no parents, or he/she has been removed from their custody.

What is the relationship between you and your fathers cousins granddaughter?

You and your father's cousin's granddaughter are 2nd cousins once removed.

What is your dad's cousin's grandson to you?

The grandson of your father's first cousin is your second cousin, once removed. The grandson of your fathers second cousin is your third cousin, once removed.

What is dry mass?

The definition of dry mass is the mass of a biological sample after the water content has been removed. When the water is removed, the dry mass can be compared on equal terms.

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