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Q: If nothing comes from nothing then where did God come from?
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When wiill the world end?

I depends when god comes to claim his children. When god wants all of his children to come to heaven he will come down to earth. Many people wonder if you will die when god comes.....You will not die when god comes.

How is medical ether produced?

The concept of ether states that it comes from nothing but simple is (perhaps).. It is from ether that other particles such as atoms come into existence.. A spirtual person would say ether comes from "God" or perhaps in its totality is god.

Where does the Islam Religion Come From?

Islam religion comes from God and by God and for God worship.

When does goes God of War 3 come out?

god of war comes out next year

Does the word martial come from the greek god marta?

No, it comes from the Greek god MARS

Who created god or why he existeven god can't tell from where he came from?

A Muslim viewpoint:1- This question is not reasonable because if someone created god; thin again we have to ask who created the creator of god!2- God is the creator. he created the concept of creation3- God is the first, nothing comes before him. He is the last, nothing comes after him.

What comes out of a gun when the bullets come out the side?

If a round is not fired and then ejected, nothing comes out of the barrel.

What god does chimerical come from?

If you mean a chimera then it comes from this other monster Echidna (not the anteater) Answer 2: 'Chimerical' comes from Chimera, who was monster - not a god.

What can you do to make your period come later?

nothing, it comes when the time is right

Who come before hen or egg?

who will belive god then he can belien hen comes first,the person who will not belive god he thinks egg comes from hen

What does the word bye originally come from?

My understanding is "good bye" comes from "God be wi' ye" (God be with you)

What do you feel in knowing that god loves you?

It's amazing. The greatest love of all time comes from him and I love him too! And the best thing is that nothing can come between, he's always there for everybody.

Is Earth's name comes from a Roman god?

No Earth's name does not come from a Roman god or goddess. Earth likely comes from Norse goddess called Nerthus.

Come and Answer This Question EmErGeNcY?

Nothing just comes true you have to work at what you want

Where does the word Mercury come from?

The word mercury comes from the Roman god of speed.

Where did the word 'Goodbye' come from?

Goodbye comes from "God be with (ye)you"

Why has God abandoned his people?

he hasn't he will come back for us when the time comes

Where does Thor the Thunder God come from?

He comes from Asgard. He is also Odin's son.

Where did the name Daniela come from?

It comes from hebru Daniel, meaning 'God is my judge'.

What is the essence of life if you will die with nothing?

God is the essence of life. This is because God is the giver and taker of all things. He chooses your birth(the time which you come with nothing into the world) and your death(when you will leave the world with nothing as well).

Who gave image for God?

so far nobody sees God.... if we think about God.... nothing will come to our mind.... blank or empty.... The supreme Creator has no image....

What can beat god?

Nothing. Nothing can beat God.

Where does the phrase God has created me to do him some definite service come from?

It comes from a book that man wrote, and has told people that god has wrote.

How would you say God of nothing in latin?

God is deus; nothing is nihil. Nothing must be in the genitive form because the phrase god of nothing implies the god belongs to nothing. DEUS NIHILORUM

I am impossible for God is above God I am more important than love and you will die if you eat me What am I?

Nothing NOthing is impossible for god. NOthing is above God, If you eat nothing you will die..