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* What does the computer do when you attempt to boot it up? * What operating system? The computer would just shut down completely after selecting 'restart.' No problems booting up thereafter. I have Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have determined what the problem was. It was due to enabled software called Window Washer 5.0. When I disabled it, my computer is now able to go into restart mode.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 15:15:41
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Q: If one's computer won't go into restart mode after selecting the restart button and after running a spyware and antivirus scan what can one do to get it to go into restart mode again?
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Why does your computer running WinXP Pro restart itself every time you shutdown?

causes: .You have "automatically restart" selected.

How do you restart a 1987 Nissan Stanza after running out of gas?

restart the computer and by doing that disconnect the battery for 5 min

Why might you restart your computer rather than fully shutting down?

you would restart your computer to install updates or return your computer to a fresh state when you have been running a lot of prgrams that would still be running in the background even after closeing them

You can guard your computer against viruses using an antivirus program?

Yes. Just make sure your antivirus program is running.

How do you know if there is a Trojan horse on your computer if my antivirus doesn't see it?

You've recently clicked a bogus and computer is running bad

IRQ assignments on a PC running Windows 98 can be accessed by?

right clicking my computer, selecting properties from the shortcut menu, selecting the hardware tab, and then selecting the device manager button.

What should one do if the finder is running low on RAM?

There are a couple of things you can try if you find yourself running low on RAM, and your computer is slow. You can restart your computer which closes all running programs. Checking your internet connection may also be slowing your computer.

Side effect of installing multiple antivirus programs on one computer?

Each antivirus uses up about 5% of your ram when it is not running. if you install more than one anti virus your computer will become extremely slow

What programs can be used to remove Trojans from an infected computer?

Antivirus programs can be used to remove trojans from an infected computer. This can be done simply by running a scan with the program on the infected computer.

What hardware firewalls and antivirus is needed to protect 25 workstations running Windows?

You need the same hardware, firewalls, and antivirus software to protect one computer as you need to protect 25.

Can a computer work well without antivirus and registry cleaner?

Yes, for example computers running with OS Linux or freebsd.

What can you do if a virus stops your antivirus protection from running?

Either download a new anti-virus program or completely reboot your computer.

How Do you Activate Security Tool?

Do not! That is rogueware that will take control of your computer. Get rid of it. Then spam as many antivirus scans as you can. If you do not then it will not let youdisable use of search engines, antivirus and task managerdelete shortcutsreplace shortcuts with links to pornography sites.fake blue screen of much moreThe best way to get rid of it is to restart your computer, open task manager as fast as possible. Then stop any files related to it from running. Then scan with everything with you got, do a bootscan double check. and restart your computer several times. Delete all files related to it. If it comes back, rinse and repeat.

Does computer need to be turned on when running anti virus scan?

Yes, a computer must be turned on to run an antivirus scan. All programs residing in an operating system (and the operating system itself) will work and function if and only if the computer is booted. However, you can still run antivirus while the computer is idle. Some antivirus scanners will still work if the computer runs into sleep mode. Software needs hardware to be able to work. So, you need to boot up the computer to start any programs (including antivirus scan).

Is it safe to run an antivirus on your computer before you uninstall the old one?

AnswerAntivirus programs analyze data being sent to and from. They also monitor programs running on your computer to make sure they are not malicious. Having more than one antivirus program running is dangerous because the two antivirus programs may interfere with one another. As a result, malware may be able to infect your computer because your antivirus programs are interfering with one another. Uninstall one program before you install the other. Personally, I have had to antivirus programs installed at once but i disabled one of the programs. Keep in mind, I only did this because I thought one program was not detecting all of the malware on my computer. However, most users do not know how to completely stop a program from running without uninstalling it. Like I said before my suggestion is to avoid have more than one antivirus program installed.

Does having 2 antivirus programs slow down your computer?

Yes it will, more running programs, slower the computer. And it will interfere with each other, may cause problems, and you will possible have a higher chance of getting a virus than just having one antivirus

Is there a way to detect the presence of antivirus software on a computer?

well there are many ways u can detect the presence of an antivirus on your computer 1) see the sytem tray u will find many icons, if there is an antivirus running on the systm u can see its icon and hovering the mouse over it it will show its name 2) press ctrl+alt+del simultaneously and a task manager will open up it will give a list of all the programs running and if there is an antivirus in the system it will show up here .

Running antivirus software can help protect you from phishing scams.?

Running antivirus software can help protect you from phishing scams.

How do you protect my PC to hackers?

Make sure you have antivirus on your computer, and always keep your computer tuned up and updated with the latest Microsoft updates. Always be sure to have a firewall running.

What do you do if an application is running slowly?

Restart your computer or software might help. Some softwares have a limit memory usage, you can increase or decrease this. Increase this if software is running slow (photoshop has this option).

Which type of standard interface allows users to connect and disconnect peripheral devices while the computer is running without having to restart?


How you remove a virus from a computer?

You can download a security software in the internet. Some of them have payments, others don't. If you are running an original Windows PC and you are running out of budget to buy licenses for antivirus, you can download Windows Defender. It is absolutely free. There are frequent update of Windows Defender to make sure that computer would be safe. You can also buy an antivirus and pay it's license. Either of the two, it can remove viruses on your computer.

How can you get torjan when you got antivirus?

By running a scan..........

Why to do if antivirus program not running and suspect computer computer is infected?

The best thing to do is Buy Anti Virus software. You can always Restore your Computer to a recent version if your on XP or Vista. Vista makes Restore and Recovery the easiest

What will happen if we will install 2 antiviruses in a same desktop?

They will conflict and may crash your computer. Only have 1 antivirus software running at all times.