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causes: .You have "automatically restart" selected.

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Q: Why does your computer running WinXP Pro restart itself every time you shutdown?
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What is the difference between shutdown and restart?

AnswerI think. the difference is when you restart. (ex: a computer.) the systems is half awake. like some virtual memory' though eventually coming to shutting down and running again. in shutdown of course, it will gradually coming to a stop. all of the system itself. (only if you choose shutdown/restart from windows scroll bar.)

Why does a computer restarts by itself?

It Doesn't restart By Itself... It Justs Downloads Files Sometimes so it needs to restart.

How do you reinstall a computer driver?

Just UninstallAnd Restart Your Computer And It Will Install By Itself.

Why does your computer restart itself when you use Google Chrome?

cause its probs got a virus

Why would a computer restart itself after running about an hour?

Sometimes a computer needs to restart because of programs it needs to upload, or updates to update. In some cases it restores because it is being over-heated you can put a fan near a place were its hot to cool it down so it doesn't shut down.

What does the ctrl alt del key do?

The function of ctrl-alt-delete may vary between operating systems. In windows, it is typically used to access the task manager to monitor or shutdown various processes or to shutdown the computer itself.

Why would the computer not restart with the power button for 15 minutes after properly shutting down but restart with no problem using the restart option?

XP's power management allows you to define what the computer does when the power button is pressed. It may be on your system that it is set to hibernate instead of power off. Also, depending on the shutdown procedure being used, a program may not be relinquishing control to the operating system. Choosing Start -> Restart is a "cleaner" reboot sequence and so the program is not forced to abruptly terminate, instead it is allowed to properly shut itself down which avoids any hang-ups like the one portrayed in the question.

Why does your computer shut off by itself?

On Mac: if your computer reaches a certain temperature, it will shut off by itself because of Apple's safety feature. On Windows: if you have selected the option to automatically shut down your computer after a period of inactivity, it will shut itself down. Other cases might be an auto restart from a software.

Why does your computer restart itself when you burn a CD?

Answer To your questionWell i think Because its trying to add the data from your CD to the computar.Thats what i believe.It's done by a virus in computer !! use anti-virus

How do you restart the street on happy street?

you can`t restart it, it restarts by itself when the level is 101

After installing the game your computer is restarting itself?

I'm not sure if I understand the question completely, but you should restart your computer when you install anything. It makes the installation take effect and your game should prompt you to do so.

What causes a computer to restart itself?

the computer's RAM is playing up and restarts when there is massive load or your Operating system files might be corrupt, or if you have just installed a new hardware or software which might be causing this.

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