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You get salt at the bottom of the pan!

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Would you expect to find calcium chloride in ocean water?

what do you expeat to find in calcium chloride in ocean water

What values of pH would you expect for sodium chloride?

A water solution of sodium chloride is neutral.

What values of pH would you expect for a sodium chloride?

Water solution of sodium chloride is neutral.

What values of a pH would you expect for sodium chloride common salt?

A water solution of sodium chloride is neutral.

How would you distinguish between zinc nitrate and calcium nitrate?

dissolve both in water and add sulfuric acid to both. in calcium nitrate solution you should expect calcium sulfate as precipitation.

What observation would you expect to make if hydrochloric acid is added to calcium carbonate?

Well, hydrochloric acid is an acid, and calcium carbonate is a base. Therefore there is going to be a spontaneous reaction and will result in the formation of what is defined as a salt, namely calcium chloride and some water.

What is the pH of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.5 g of Ca(OH)2 in water to make 765 mL of solution?

1.5g calcium hydroxide = 0.02mol, and M=0.02mol/0.765L=0.026M. [OH-]=2(0.026)=0.052. pOH=-log(0.052)=1.28. 14-1.28=12.72, and that's your pH. You would expect a basic reading, because calcium hydroxide is a strong base in solution.

Compare the amounts of precipitate that you would expect if you added barium chloride to two solutions that contained different amount of sulfate?

Since barium chloride is reactive with sulfate ions there would be more precipitate present. The solution with more precipitate present would show it had higher amounts of sulfate ions

What element would you expect to behave the most like calcium?

Calcium is in group 2/IIA, so the other elements in that group would be expected to behave most like calcium.

What price would you expect to pay for contact lens solution?

The price you could expect to pay for contact lens solution can vary on where it is purchased. Contact lens solution can cost anywhere from around $6 to around $15.

If you could melt a sample of sodium chloride would you expect it to conduct electricity?

yes, molten sodium chloride may conduct the electricity but is not a good electrolyte.

Why is table salt a mixture?

If the salt, initially sodium chloride, contains more salts, e.g. magnesium sulphate or magnesium chloride, then it is a mixture. It is hard to expect it does not entirely

What type of intermolecular force in NaCl?

Solid sodium chloride consists of a lattice of sodium and chloride ions. There are no sodium molecules in the solid, and therefore no intermolecular forces. In solution sodium chloride is 100% dissociated and there are no molecules. Vapour phase sodium chloride is iapparently a complex mixture of monomeric NaCl dimeric NaCl and linear polymers. Theoretically the monomer should be highly polar and more like an ion pair than a covalent molecule, nad we would expect a high dipole moment.

Would you expect a concetrated solution of sugar in water to boil at 100?

The solute in a solution modify the boiling point of water.

If you heated limestone how would you expect the mass of the limestone to compare with the mass of calcium oxide?

When you heat limestone it becomes calcium oxide but if you mean calcium carbonate then it should go down slightly due to the release of CO2

Which you expect to change a liquids density?

Study island answer: Temperature of the fluid

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