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Yes, you can use comparison websites for insurance quotes no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Your quotes will be adjusted accordingly if you have a vintage car.

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Q: If one has a vintage car can one use comparison websites to compare insurance quotes?
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Can I get classic insurance to cover collision in New Jersey?

You should first search for car insurance companies that apply for your car. If you have a vintage or sports car you may need to find an insurance company that caters for you. Receive a quote for your car from each of these companies and compare the prices to choose which company offers you the cover you need for the best value. There are some websites available which can compare quotes for you without you having to do it yourself.

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A driver can obtain insurance quotes for a vintage car online in the following websites: Confused, AdrianFlux or TheAA. One just needs to put in the car information and one can then ask for a quote.

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