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Below is an answer related generally to mild emphysema.

It is also helpful to know that by stopping smoking you can improve the long term effects of Emphysema, other factors such as pollution, aerosols, work and hobby related dusts like wood and cement can also irritate your lungs, suitable face masks are available and should under health and safety be supplied by employers.

If you have Asthma it is important you speak to your health care professional and ensure that it is kept under control.

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Q: If one has very mild emphysema what can one do to allay breathlessness?
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What is the prognosis for very mild emphysema?

The prognosis will depend on the individual's health and lifestyle. Minor emphysema has an FEV1 rate of over 80 percent survival.

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Does everyone with emphysema die?

There are basically four accepted stages of emphysema. Mild, moderate, severe and end of life. But death is always the conclusion to this disease. If caught early enough, at the at risk or very mild stage quitting smoking and the aid of cortesteroid inhalers may give these patients the longest life expectency however even with quitting smoking emphysema is an aggressive and progressive disease of the lungs. With empysema the lungs are PERMANTLY and IRREVERSABLY damaged and this damage will continue to progress until it causes death.

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Sometimes. But it's also very scary.

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No, depending on the person's current condition, there may be wheezing, crackles, rales, etc. In emphysema, though, lung sounds can become very diminished.

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