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A person who lives in Spain is called a Spaniard, or Spanish.

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Does Spain ever take over Germany?

LOL hell no, Spain needed Germans help during Spanish civil war, so it very unlikely almost impossible for Spain to take other Germany.

What were the three European nations that were members of the allies?

The French, Spanish, and Germans... (France, Spain, Germany)

Who is better at football Germany or Spain?

Spain might win but but don't under esimate the Germans cus dey r a good side aswell

What are the people of Spain is called?

The people of Spain are called Spanish or Spaniards.

Which is more densely populated--Spain or Germany?

Germany is much more densely populated than Spain. The population of Germany is 81. 89 million people. The population of Spain is 47. 27 people.

What are the people from Spain called?

In English, people from Spain are called Spaniardsor Spanish, depending on the nature of the sentence.

What civil war here was a rehearsal for the Germans for World War 2?

The Spanish Civil War was a rehearsal for Germany to test out some of its weapons and leaders. The Germans sent the Condor Legion to fight in Spain.

What direction is Spain to Germany?

Spain is south of Germany

What are the people of Spain called?

They are called Spaniards

What are people from Spain--called?


Is Germany closer to Argentina or to Spain?

Germany is closer to Spain. Germany is in Europe, as is Spain. The distances are not even close.

Who won Spain or Germany?

Spain won the match Spain 1-0 Germany

When was Spain occupied by Germany?

Spain was never occupied by Germany.

Spanish - born people who governed new Spain were called?

what were the names of the people born in Spain what were the names of the people born in Spain

What are the people from the Spain called?

They are called Spanish or Spaniards.

On what continents are Germany and Spain?

Both Germany and Spain are on the European continent.

What is located in between Spain and Germany?

France is the country between Spain and Germany.

Are people from Spain called Latino?

No, they are called "The Spanish" or "Spaniards".

What Roman province was located between Spain and Germany?

The province between Spain and Germany is Gaul. This province was later overtaken by a barbaric tribe called the Franks. This is where we get the name of the modern country, France.

What are people born in Spain called?

Inclusively, they are called Spaniards. Commonly, they are called by the region of Spain that is their home: Andalusians, Catalonians, etc.

Are people from Spain also called Europeans?

They are.

What were the first people in Spain called?

the Iberians

What are people from Spain called?

They are called Spanish (often called Spaniards, as well).

Is Germany bigger than Spain?

No, Germany is 357,021 km2 and Spain is 504,030 km2.

Who won between Germany and Spain world cup 2010?

Spain defeated Germany.

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