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If power is out in one room of the house but the breaker was not tripped what could be the problem?


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2015-07-15 18:55:23
2015-07-15 18:55:23

Check the connections to all the receptacles. On a spur, it's possible that one wire slipped off and then that breaks the circuit, not likely on a ring circuit. It is also possible that you have a GFCI (ELCB UK) in the run that might be tripped and that could bring the run down as well. Of course, the breaker might have tripped and the toggle not flipped over; try manually tripping and resetting it.


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Usually it is because a breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

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It takes a finite amount of time to trip a breaker. The short you caused may not have tripped the breaker. If the dryer is no longer working there may be an internal reset that has tripped.

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If a certain circuit or area of you home has no electric but the rest does, it's a good indication that a breaker has tripped

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Usually there will be lights or equipment in the house that will not operate. If all of the branch circuit breakers or fuses have not tripped or blown the only conclusion left is that the main breaker or fuse has tripped or blown.

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The rating of a panel dictates the maximum current of the panel and is protected by a breaker of that rating. If you had 200 amp service to your house and only had a 100 amp panel then you could only draw 100 amps before the breaker tripped.

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