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Check the connections to all the receptacles. On a spur, it's possible that one wire slipped off and then that breaks the circuit, not likely on a ring circuit. It is also possible that you have a GFCI (ELCB UK) in the run that might be tripped and that could bring the run down as well. Of course, the breaker might have tripped and the toggle not flipped over; try manually tripping and resetting it.

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Q: If power is out in one room of the house but the breaker was not tripped what could be the problem?
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What causes the power to go off in a house?

Usually it is because a breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

You were changing the light bulb in your Kenmore dryer with the power on and hit the hot terminal on the dryer causing a spark the house breaker does not seem to be tripped. model?

It takes a finite amount of time to trip a breaker. The short you caused may not have tripped the breaker. If the dryer is no longer working there may be an internal reset that has tripped.

How do you know that a circuit breaker trips in your house?

If a certain circuit or area of you home has no electric but the rest does, it's a good indication that a breaker has tripped

How can you tell if a home fuse is open?

Usually there will be lights or equipment in the house that will not operate. If all of the branch circuit breakers or fuses have not tripped or blown the only conclusion left is that the main breaker or fuse has tripped or blown.

Can you feed 200 amps to 100 amp panel?

The rating of a panel dictates the maximum current of the panel and is protected by a breaker of that rating. If you had 200 amp service to your house and only had a 100 amp panel then you could only draw 100 amps before the breaker tripped.

What would cause the entire house to lose electricity and the breaker not to go off?

It could be a problem with the equipment used to send you power. There could be a problem at the substation. There could also be a line down. It could be that the bill was not paid. You may have to contact the company that provides you the power to get this matter resolved.

What might cause a loss of all electricity in your garage but not your house without a storm hitting or sudden increase of electricity usage?

You might be plugging something in that could have a fault on it, sometimes plugging in a transformer could trip out your fuse, but more often than not your electricity will go due to its breaker tripping at the board due to something being plugged in. Check the cord on the appliance, if no visible damage open plug and and check for loose wiring and check connections at appliance also check for leaking water into sockets and lights! A tripped breaker or a tripped GFCI plug, or maybe you have a blown breaker, or a corroded wire.

Thud under house then some electric stopped working?

Probably a wire shorted out. Probably in a junction box. This should be looked at quickly. If this is the case, the breaker or a fuse in the fuse panel should have tripped. Do not just reset the breaker or fuse as this may cause a fire.

How do you know when a house panel box breaker is broken?

Before you consider the breaker broken make sure that it has not just tripped. Push the handle of the suspected breaker all the way over to the off position. If there was a bit of resistance when turning to the off position before going to the completely off position this is the breaker re setting. Now move the breaker handle to the on position. If you have the ability to check the voltage or the circuit restores voltage to receptacles that were without voltage then the breaker is good. If the breaker has no output voltage at all after following the above instructions, replace the breaker.

What could be the reasons for losing the electricity in only half of your house?

The electrical loads in a house are divided. Each 'breaker' or 'fuse' controls the maximum current flow to only certain loads. If there is a 'sub panel', it may control a combination of other loads. If you are losing only some loads, a subpanel or breaker has tripped, and not the main breaker. Or you could have a neutral loose at the neutral bar (white wire) check with a screw driver for tightness, or a loose wire at some junction box. Neve stick a screwdriver, or any other object, into a circuit box until you have insured that the power is off!

Why would a wall outlet blow but no other outlets be affected and circuit breaker was not tripped?

It could be a GFCI outlet, and the reset button needs pushed. It could be protected by a GFCI outlet somewhere that needs the reset button pushed. It could have had a wire come loose.If you don't find a GFCI outlet that needs to have the reset button pressed, you should not use the outlet and get someone over right away to fix it. A problem like this could cause a house fire whether the outlet is being used or not.

Can you replace a 20 a breaker with a 25 a breaker?

For typical residential house wiring 12 AWG wire is required for a 20 Amp breaker. If you change out the breaker for a 25 A breaker you would have to rewire the circuit with 10 AWG. In that case you could up the breaker to 30 Amps. All outlets and switches should be rated at the same voltage and current as the breaker.

Lost power to a section of my house on the same circuit. Have reset all the circuits and still no power?

It's probably either a faulty circuit breaker or a faulty wire somewhere in the house. In either case you should contact a qualified electrician to solve the problem. If it's a wiring problem you could be risking a fire.

Lost electricity to 3 rooms and you checked the circuit breaker and they are all in What else might be the problem?

Cable worked loose. Or there might be another breaker box somewhere else in the house, previously unknown to you.

What would cause no water in your house and you have well water?

pump and/or pressure system is not working. Could be caused by electrical issues such as tripped breaker or motor burned out, or could be line issues such as broken line in well (very common with submersible pumps hanging on plastic pipe) or could simply be that a valve has been turned off inadvertently. Your question does not give enough info to truly answer the question properly

Circuit breaker trip cause smoke will homeowner insurance pay for it?

A circuit breaker does not "cause" smoke. A circuit breaker "breaks" a circuit when there is too much current, creating a hazardous condition for the wires that are connected to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker PROTECTS you from electrical fire. Find the source of the smoke; what burned? If a circuit breaker tripped during the incident, it is usually caused by melting/burning wire insulation, either inside or outside of an appliance. If the insulation inside the walls of your house has burned/melted, it could be that the circuit breaker was too large for the wire or that the circuit breaker failed to shut off at the appropriate current load. If the circuit breaker failed, your insurance should help you. If an appliance overloaded the circuit, your insurance should help you. If someone connected an oversized circuit breaker, causing the wire to overheat, your insurance company may refuse to help you.

If an electrician have a circuit that pulls a load of 10 amps what size breaker must that circuit be protected by?

If you are talking about a breaker in a house panel then a 15 amp breaker would be used. It is the smallest amperage breaker that you will find in a house panel.

If i have 60 amp breaker to house can i put 100 amp breaker box inside?

Yes, but the 60A breaker will trip when your house box reaches 60A draw. I would not recommend it.

Is there a main breaker in side the breaker box?

Yes there is one breaker that can shut the whole house off. it's usually at the top of the box

Do you need a circuit breaker in a house?


Shop vac trips house breaker?

If the Shop Vac is tripping the breaker to a house turn other electronics off while it is in use. The power in the house should be checked out by a electrician.

What is the biggest circuit breaker in a house?

The biggest circuit breaker in any home is the main breaker located in your main breaker panel that is installed where your electrical service cable comes into your home.

Why do some lights go off in your house when you turn on too many appliances?

In a well designed house the lights are not connected to the same circuit as an appliance. If by going out you are saying that a breaker trips, then your appliances and lights combined are exceeding the rating of the breaker. You either need to rewire and balance the loads better or plug high current appliances into different outlets on another breaker. If you are not tripping breakers, but lights are just dimming you have a bigger problem with inadequate current supplying your house.

What is the box that house the gauges called?

Breaker box

How do I know if I have a 30 amp breaker at my house to plug a trailer into?

If it is a 30 amp breaker then it is a 240 volt outlet.