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It takes a finite amount of time to trip a breaker. The short you caused may not have tripped the breaker. If the dryer is no longer working there may be an internal reset that has tripped.

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Q: You were changing the light bulb in your Kenmore dryer with the power on and hit the hot terminal on the dryer causing a spark the house breaker does not seem to be tripped. model?
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Why does your refrigerator keep popping the breaker?

either the breaker is too small or the refrigerator is causing an overload

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How do you trip electrical circuit breaker in normal working condition?

A breaker will only trip if there is a fault on the line. This fault can be an overload or an over current condition. Check the load on the circuit. Try and disconnect some of the devices on the circuit to see if the breaker stops tripping. If it does then the breaker is overloading and this is what is causing the breaker to trip.

When will a circuit breaker trip or turn off?

A circuit breaker has a specific amperage trip setting. That is the number on the handle of the breaker. When an amperage that is drawn by a load goes higher than the setting on the breaker, the breaker will trip off. This tripping action opens the circuit and drops off the load that was causing a higher than normal amperage.

What device can help prevent a circuit from causing overload damage?

A circuit breaker will do this type of job nicely.

What is causing the leaves on a palm houseplant to turn yellow?

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The electrical Breaker will not reset?

To reset a breaker move the handle completely to the off position. If it had tripped you will feel a little resistance as it goes to the off position. If this doesn't restore the power the breaker is either bad and in need of replacement, or there is a persistent fault in the circuit causing the breaker to immediately re-trip. Breakers are safety devices.

Why does a ceiling fan in a new home trip the arc fault breaker when it worked before?

you could have a loose connection causing it to arc enough to trip the breaker -- check all the connections -- maybe you'll need to change out the arc fault you could have a loose connection causing it to arc enough to trip the breaker -- check all the connections -- maybe you'll need to change out the arc fault

What is changing by contact?

causing a neutral object to become charged by touching it with a charged object.

What would cause circuit breaker to trip in new box from old box?

A circuit breaker will trip if it is faulty or if the connected circuit has a short circuit or a connected device is trying to draw more current than the breaker rating. If you disconnect the output wire from the breaker and it still trips, it is a faulty breaker. If the breaker is tripping immediately when it is turned on then start disconnecting elements of the circuit to see what might be causing the problem. If everything was working and now isn't, it is likely that the wire from the breaker is nicked where it exits the box and is shorting to the feedthru connector.

Definition of the breaking capacity of a circuit breaker?

The interrupting rating of a breaker relates to the amount of current the breaker can interrupt. Think of current as a linebacker - The bigger he is, the harder it is to stop him dead in his tracks. That's what a circuit breaker does when it opens up large amounts of current. If the line backer is too big (more current than the breaker is rated for), he will just keep coming, and force the breaker back closed (in reality, parts of the breaker will probably melt, causing a plasma bridge between contacts, which will cause more heating until catastrophic failure occurs).

Christmas light are causing the 15amp circuit breaker to trip and Circuit Panel is full Can I upgrade to a twin circuit breaker without installing a subpanel?

Your only hope is that someone wired the box not to code and that there are two wires going into the offending breaker. If you can't separate wires you can't distribute the load.

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