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dont be stupid. corse not

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โˆ™ 2010-08-16 18:25:48
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Q: If pregnant-cum touches the lips of her vagina can she get pregnant?
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Can you get pregnant if sperm just touches the lips?

No. Semen (sperm) has to actually get into the vagina.

If semen touches a virgin female's vagina lips could it make her pregnant?

Yes, it is possible.

Can you get pregnant if the pre-ejaculate touches the lips of the vagina?

There is a chance of pregnancy. Take a test if you miss your period

Can a woman get pregonant if she touches sperm on the floor then the lips of her vagina?


If semen touches the inner lips of vagina is there a chance for pregnancy?

Yes there is!

Can you get pregnant if there was sperm on your finger and you touched the lips of you vagina?

If the fingers went into the vagina maybe. But prolly not.

I have swollen vagina lips and my period is super late?

Congratulations, you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if he puts his penis in the lips of the vagina but doesn't ejaculate?

Yes you can. It happened to me. Be careful!

Will ejaculating on the lips on the vagina get a girl pregnant?

That could certainly happen. Not a guarantee though.

If sperm is found on the outer lips of the vagina could on get pregnant even if you take a bath immediately after that?

as long as none of the sperm entered the vagina then one would not get pregnant

Do big mouth lips causes big vagina lips?

because a vagina's so-called "lips" are kinda thick or big so if your lips are long and big you have vagina lips ;))

Can you get pregnant if pre-ejaculate touches the vagina in the shower?

Only if the water is hot. The cold water "flash frezzes" the pre-semen in the pre-cum rendering them too weak to swim up the vaginal lips into the rabbithole

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