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Most people say that they are fake. But yes, I have seen a real modol 6 sioiux 498000

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What is 287 percent of 498000?


How much is a Remington 1194 worth?

I can find no reference to a Model 1194 Remington.

Does Remington make a 597 shotgun?

No my only reference to the model 597 Remington is for a 22lr semi-auto rifle.

What was the highest serial number for a Remington model 12?


What are the pros and cons of a Remington model 10 riot shotgun?

In reference to what application?

How do you tell the difference between a Remington 14 and a Remington 141?

If nothing else the date code on the barrel. 35 and later would be a 141 vs the 41. See related links for reference to the Remington Society of America website for date code details

Highest value of Remington 11-48 shot gun?

Remington Model 11-48 (Highest value) Made from 1949 to 1968: 425,000 were made. $300 for all gauges except the 28 gauge. 300 percent for the 28 gauge.

What is the highest value of the model 11-48 Remington 16 gauge shotgun?

300 or so

What is the highest value of the Model 11-48 Remington 12 gauge shotgun?

New in the box - $500-600.

Can you shoot slugs through a Charles daly modified chocke?

Yes but it shoots them terrible. I have one myself and I bought the Remington rifled choke tube and it helped dramatically. All Remington chokes fit the Charles Daly shotguns for your future reference. I also found that it shot the Remington Buck Hammer slugs the best.

What food has the highest biological value and is often used as a reference protein?

human milk

Which lake is situated at the highest altitude?

Lake 'Tilicho ' It is situated in Nepal. Lake Titicaca =] reference: Mike A Stimson Lake Titicaca =] reference: Mike A Stimson

What is a 22 caliber rifle?

A rifle with a bore which measures in the vicinity of .22 inches. Typically, "22" is used in reference to the rimfire cartridges, while centerfire cartridges will be described by their full designation (e.g., .223 Remington, .222 Remington, .204 Ruger, etc.).

How do you replace Remington?

What do you mean replace Remington? There is no replacement for Remington,in my eyes Remington is a very good gun.

What is the Whistle Register in reference to singing?

The Whistle Register in reference to singing is the highest pitch a humans voice can reach. This term is usally used in opera and classical perfomances.

What is the age of a Remington Woodsmaster Model 81 rifle with 14429 marked on the stock?

My Remington 81 ser#162xx was manufactured 07/1941 There should be a two letter code on the barrel. you can cross reference the two letter code to a production date on Remingtons website.

Remington model 510 Target Master has a LRR0 printed on it what does it mean?

According to all of the Remington date code decoders I have found, your rifle was manufactured in Feb 1946. See for reference to the chart. Hope this helps!

What has the highest specific gravity?

On Earth, the material Osmium has the highest density at 22.59 g/cm3 and hence the highest specific gravity (as specific gravity is the density of a material relative to a reference material - commonly water).

Based on Reference Table H which sample has the highest vapor pressure?

Ethanol at 65(degrees) C.

How do you spell Remington in French?


What is the highest grade of Motor Oil SAE 30 or SAE 40?

sae document j300 defines the highest single grade as 60. this is in reference to viscosity and not the quality of the oil

Can you send your Remington shotgun to Remington factory for a repair?

You must call Remington to get an accurate answer.

What is the birth name of Remington Olmsted?

Remington Olmsted's birth name is Remington Olmsted.

What are the seven layers of the OSI reference model?

From lowest to highest physical, data, transport, sessions, presentation, application.

What is a Remington UMC?

Union Metalic Cartridge Co. is a division of Remington UMC purchased Remington Arms Co in 1912 and became Remington Arms UMC.

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