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This kind of equipment is so expensive because the government still supports the fossil fuels.

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What does it mean when an energy resources is said to be non-renewable?

A non-renewable energy resource is something that does not occur naturally in an environment.

How does renewable energy help the enviorment?

Renewable energy helps the environment because the energy is renewable and that means you can use the energy over and over and over again. Some examples of renewable energy are wind, water, and more.

The advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy in climate change?

Renewable energy has less of a negative impact on the environment. However, renewable energy can be costly to initially develop and implement.

Renewable and non renewable energy sources from the sun?

Solar panels are a great renewable resource from the sun. The energy produced is clean and good for the environment.

When will non-renewable energy run out?

It will run out when it is no longer economical to use it, when it becomes so scarce that renewable forms of energy are less expensive. That won't happen for a long while so the issue is, will the environment for life on Earth be destroyed first.

How is solar energy renewable?

Well solar energy is renewable because, the sun's rays will never run out. That makes it renewable.Renewable energy sources will never run out and we will have a constant supply of them. And with renewable energy sources, we are not hurting the environment as much as when we use fossil fuels.

What are some disadvantages of renewable energy?

However, renewable resources rely on the environment. If there is no sunlight or wind, energy cannot be produced. Lots of money have been put into research, technology and building of the gadgets, making it extremely expensive and unaffordable for a few poor countries.

Is plasma energy renewable?

Plasma energy is renewable. This has been taken as one of the alternatives that will help save the environment from hazardous pollutants,.

Why is renewable energy good for the environment?

Because it just is :P

Why is renewable energy better for the environment?

Renewable energy is better for the environment because we do not have to clear land or reshape the land scape for resources. With renewable resource the environment has a chance to heal and grow back befor its all gone. If you have seen the movie "Walle" and have seen what the earth looks like then that's because we used up all of resources and the environment couldn't heal. so that's why renewable energy is better.

Where can renewable energy resources be used instead of fossil fuels?

the renewable resources can be in the environment for our own benefits

Is a wind turbine good for the environment?

yes a wind turbine is good for the environment as it is renewable energy

Why is solar energy good for the environment?

Solar energy is good for the environment because it is a renewable source of energy. When solar panels are used to store the energy from the sun, they are harmless to the environment creating no pollution.

What would happen if you had no renewable energy?

I think this is easy to answer. If there is no renewable energy available, all out non renewable energy will run out. The continuous gas price hike is one indication of fossil fuel depletion. If we ran out of fossil fuels, electricity would really be expensive as we have to find other sources. Basically, all machines, equipment or anything that needs fuel to run, will have to run from another source of energy.

What are the 2 advantages of classifying energy sources as renewable and non- renewable?

advantages of renewable- it can be used over and over again. used to make power disadvantages of renewable- solar panels are expensive, so are wind turbines advantages of non-renewable- very efficient. lots of experience in field disadvantages of non-renewable- it pollutes the environment. it is difficult to dispose of

How is solar energy renewable energy?

It doesn't pollute the environment and you can never run out of power from the sun.

What are facts about renewable and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is less harmful to the environment compared to Non renewable energy.Some renewable energies include solar,Geothermal,wind,water and biomass,which can be made up of sewage.** Some non renewable energies are coal, natural gas,oil and nuclear.

How are renewable and nonrenewable energy sources different?

Yes, nonrenewable and renewable sources are different - very different. For example, nonrenewable sources such as fossil fuels harm the environment and will run out soon. Green renewable sources are good for the environment such as solar energy. It comes from the sun. That is why it is called solar energy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of green energy?

Renewable, or green, energy has several advantages including but not limited to the fact that it is renewable as well as the lack of harmful emissions. However, renewable energy require expensive facilities and the energy they produce is rather inconsistent. Some renewable energy types also need to be built on specific areas.

What energy source does not increase carbon dioxide levels in the environment?

Any energy source that is renewable does not increase carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the environment. Examples of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal and biofuel.

What are the good uses about solar power?

it very good for our environment and it a renewable energy.

What ways sustain the environment?

Bins, recycling centres,renewable energy resources

Why is solar energy expensive than nuclear energy?

because itv cost more because it a renewable resource.

How does renewable energy save money?

Energy is not renewable. The sources to make that energy may be. After the initial cost of plant and equipment some sources are practically free so the only costs are maintenance costs..

What new energy sources are better for the environment and produce electricity?

New energy resources better for the environment are called renewable or alternate energy forms. They include solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen.

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