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Hair tests can test positive for as long as the hair is still there, however, crack, being a very low dose drug that clears the system very fast may not even be detectable if it was only one night, but rather than run that risk, get a specialty shampoo, available at most headshops, or shave your head.

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For some one who is clean smokes three blunts how long would it take to get clean?

it takes over freee months to get rid of it

What can you do if microwave oven smokes?

Clean it

What if I have been clean from marijuana for 9 months how long will it stay in my hair follicle if I took three to five hits out of a bowl?

6 months it stays in your system and 3 months in hair shampoo and condition EVERY day

If you took three hits off a joint about ten days ago and was totally clean prior how long will it stay in your system?

3 hits? probably 24 hours, being clean and getting high once usually takes 48-72 hours to become totally clean. someone who smokes numerous times a day everyday, a few months

If you have been clean from all drugs for 5 months and you took 3 small hits of crack Thurs night and today if Tues night should I go ahead and get the hair follicle test Friday or what?

The reason they do the follicle test is so you cannot hide the fact you used.

Can you get fit after giving the fags up at 30?

Sure. Stay off the smokes and your body will recover fairly rapidly. 6 months of clean living will be enough to undo much of the damage.

How can you clean a hair follicle for drug testing?

You can't. The test is of the hair and the drugs are part of the hair.

Will you pass a hair follicle drug test if you been clean for over 90 days?


Does sonal chauhan smokes?

No, sonal does not smoke. She is a innocent and clean actress. Her role in Jannat was impeccable.

North Carolina gives how many years for breaking and entering if you are 15 years old and clean record?

6-8 months for someone with a clean record. <<<this is just if you 18 and older

Did Mike Tyson use drugs?

yes Tyson smokes pot and i think he did coke but hes clean now

You stop smoking pot 36 days ago am im clean to past a test you only been riding in a car with a person that smokes pot am im clean yes or no?

stay clean. u should be fine

What can you drink to clean opiates out?

Urine from someone who is clean

You smoked for 6 months have not smoked for 40 days are you clean?

yes you are clean,trust me.

I need someone to clean my house twice a month?

I need someone to clean my house twice a month

How long do you have to clean your industrial piercing for?

You should always clean it. Clean it 2-3 times a day for about 2 months then after that once a day with rinsing in the tub/shower is good. Industrials can be unpredictable so you may have to clean it for more than 2 months.

How can I pass a hair follicle test and how long will it take for the test to be clean?

Hair Follicle drug testing is the most accurate, long term, and hard to beat, of all laboratory drug testing. As your hair grows, any chemical substances in your body also grow out with your hair. Other than shaving your head, there is no way to hide drugs in a hair follicle test.

How long do it take to clean marijuana out of your system?

It may be out of your system within 3-5days. However, it can be detected in hair follicle tests for up to a year.

How do you clean your system for drugs test?

you clean your system by quitting drugs and waiting 3 months to detox

Can a person pass a hair follicle test after smoking pot for ten years and clean for three months?

at my job they did a drug sweep and somone had the same situation they popped positive and were fired the est conclusively reported a habitual pattern the person also used a "money back guaranteed" shampoo to alter the findings and it did not work the test is virtually non foolable best thing to do is stay clean !!!!!!

If your urine is clean of THC is your blood?

Yes. Drug metabolites say in your urine longer than blood, so if it's out of your urine, your blood is clean, however your hair follicle probably still contains the drug metablolites.

Does Kristi Capel smoke cigarettes?

Yes, Kristi smokes but she is very careful to never do it on camera or in public, so as not to damage her squeeky clean image.

Will you be clean of weed in 3 weeks?

no, more like months

Is there a solution to cleaning your system out for marijuana?

I think you need to wait a couple of months to clean your system, maybe 3 or 4 months. I don't think there's a way to clean it immediatelly

Will you be clean if you haven't smoked meth for four days?

No! You would have had to go for months without smoking to be completely clean