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I'm going to assume that this person is a sexual masochist, and not someone with "masochistic personality disorder," which is very different. No one can be "caused" to do anything by their sexual preference, and the person who cheated is responsible for their own actions. However, if the person's masochistic desires are unfulfilled in their relationship, I could see how that might tempt them to cheat with a person who is interested in fulfilling those masochistic desires. Your phrasing "has masochism" suggests that you think of masochism as a disease or problem. If it's masochistic personality disorder, then it definitely IS a problem, but if we're talking about sexual masochism, then it's probably just the way this person is. If this person and/or the people around them view masochistic sexual desires as a disease, then this person probably also has some sexual self esteem issues that might make them more likely to cheat.

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Q: If someone has masochism and did know it can it cause them to cheat on their partner?
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