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Be a brave man. Braces aren't going to hurt much. Now, getting teeth surgically removed, is another story.

Get two other orthodontists look at you, and try to not have teeth pulled.

Hey, just think how many people in the world has or had braces. It shouldn't hurt that much. Talk to your dentist about why and what are you scared of. He'll help. After a few weeks with them, you'll see it ins't such a big deal.

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Q: If someone is 19 and scared of the dentist but he knows he need braces what should he do?
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When should you get braces on?

when your dentist or othordontist has reccomended it to you

Who do you see if you need braces?

You should see a dentist or an orthodontist.

What happens if dentist leaves wedge in between teeth?

you should complain immediately. my friend's dentist did that and she had to get braces.

Your tooth hurts and you have braces on what do you do?

You should probably see a dentist, they can figure out the problem and sort it out.

Does it hurt to get dental braces?

Not at the very moment your dentist is attaching the braces to your teeth... it becomes uncomfortable afterward about a day after when your lips are getting used to your braces. You would usually get mouth blisters and cuts. Your dentist should give you some pain relief pill to help you with this.

What should you do if your dentist is taking of your braces without finishing the treatment and ruined your teeth and gums?

If you do not agree with what your dentist intends to do, you are free to go to a different dentist. Perhaps you need a second opinion.

Should you be scared to get braces?

no. you should not be afraid to get braces. ive had them and i will tell you, the pain is not as sever as people make it out to be. its totally worth the discomfort because in the end you have perfect teeth.

Is 7 years of braces long for mediocer teeth Tell if should ask Dr to take them off or not?

It is a rather long time to have braces on... but before you tell the dentist to take them off, get a second opinion from another dentist in your area... Hope that helps ~Coeur

Scared of the dentist?

If you're scared of going to the dentist, don't worry, everybody is scared of something. First you need to determine what exactly you're scared of, whether it be the dentist themselves, the things they do in your mouth, or just something as simple as the fluoride they use. You should always tell your dentist you are nervous about your appointment. They are used to it, they can help you get over your fear because they know most about they're jobs! If you're scared they will hurt you, speak up and let them know! A dentist appointment shouldn't hurt unless they make a mistake, or there is something wrong. If they do hurt you tell them so they can figure out why. Remember its not a bad thing to be scared of the dentist, Everyone is scared of something. But if you want to come over your fear, you need to take it in your own hands! Good luck!

How many times should you go to your dentist a year?

Normally the average child should go and see the dentist at least every 6 months, maybe more if have braces or any other dental problems

If your braces are off but your front teeth are too long what can you do?

You should go to a dentist and tell him or her that you need your front teeth filled.

What should you do if your mouth is bleeding three days after getting braces?

go bak too your dentist as there is something oviously wrong xXx

What field should a dentist specialize to make a good income?

orthodontist. Braces seem to be a good place to make some money

How do you know if you have a cavity with braces?

It usually shows when you have one... If where y ou think it is is visible. You should always check with your Dentist though

Where can you find a dentist game that you can apply braces?

I'm not positive of a certain website but if you go to and search then you should find something.

What school should someone go to become a dentist?

dental school

What advice is needed when getting braces?

There is lots of advice one should know about when getting braces. Perhaps the best place to find out what one should know is by talking to one's dentist. Some general advice with braces is to avoid any food that is sticky, chewy, or hard. One should expect sore teeth for several days after getting braces and having teeth loosen while wearing the braces is normal and expected and they should regain their rigidity again later.

If someone had braces and had his gap closed then a few years later off his parents insurance they reopen what should he do?

ill explain my situtation better. I had insurance under my parents in high school. I had braces but the dentist messed up and now my gap reopened. horrible i know! what should i do? i dotn wanna have to dish out 5000 dollars for something that should have been fixed when my parents paid for it. thank for the help

What should you do if your wire comes out of your braces?

If the wire starts to come out at the end (like you know, in the back) just take some wax and press it against the wire, and leave it there but when you brush your teeth, TAKE IT OUT. If it really still hurts you after a few days, call you dentist and they'll cut the piece of wire for you. BTW Your dentist should give you the wax when you get your braces on. If not ask your dentist. They should have no problem giving you some of it. If you ever need more just ask again :) Hope this is helpful.

How long should you wait between taking off teeth and puttin on braces?

it depends. Your dentist will tell you just make an appointment if you think you need them.

Can I choose not to get braces?

Well, there is really nothing to be scared of. You might try talking with some of the folks that HAVE braces, and learn a bit about them. You should understand- if there is nothing wrong with your teeth, a dentist would not install braces- so if you have been told you need them, odds are, there IS something wrong with your teeth. (OK- this is the part where you whine "No it's not!") Can you say no? Sorry- unless you are an adult, your parents make the choices on what you need. But seriously, talk with some of the other folks that have them, and remember they are not forever. Good luck

What do you do if your mom wont let you get braces?

Why isn't she letting you get braces? Is it necessary for you to have them? Do you have an overbite? If you just have crooked teeth, your mom might just think that your teeth will be straighter and in place once you get older. You should talk to your mom about this. Also, does she just not want to go through paying for it? You and your mom should see what advice the dentist has for you. Lastly, are you ready for them? Have you lost all of your baby teeth? Again, you should definitely ask your dentist. Braces can be very necessary for some people, but in some cases they can be unnecessary. Hope this helps. :)

Should I get pink or silver braces?

You should get silver braces :)

Braces can i eat popcorn if i got my braces 2 days ago?

I think you should ask the dentist.Plus here is the answer: Popcorn – It may not seem like it, but Popcorn is the single worst thing you can eat with braces. ... However, with braces in place, kernels can get stuck for extended periods of time, leading to extremely painful swelling of gum tissue, requiring removal of braces and wires to clean out the area. I had braces yesterday and they said that.

Are fake braces safe?

NO, they are not safe they can do permanent damage <depends on your teeth but at time they can be kind of safe you should go check with your dentist that would be the best thing to do :)