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Still Contagious Yes, fever is a sign of being contagious. The medication is most likely an antibiotic and it takes a few days before it actually starts working.

Actually if it is a cold or flu it is viral and antibiotics should NEVER be given for these as they have no effect on viruses, can cause increased antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and are a complete waste of money.

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When you have cold sweats from the flu are you still contagious?

The rule of thumb is that you are contagious until 24 hours after your last recorded fever (when not taking fever reducing medicine). If your chills/cold sweats are due to fever, then you are still contagious.

If someone is sick with the flu but no has a fever are they still contagious?


Can you go out of the house after not having a fever for 3 or 4 hours and are you still contagious?

You are still contagious for 24 hours after the last time you had a fever WITHOUT the use of fever reducing medications.

If someone is sick with a cold or flu but no fever are they still contagious?

I caught a bad cold, but never got a fever with it. I then passed it on to a half a dozen people in my family over the holidays. You decide.

Is someone still contagious when they take Tamiflu after 24 hours?


Is a dog still contagious after 3 doses of medicine?

no. That much medicene could possibly kill your dog

Are you contagious after the fever is gone?

* My doctor informed me that a person is contagious only when they have a fever. * My doctor told me the same as the first answer but said that you need to be fever-free for at least 24 hours (48 hours is better) without the aid of ibuprofen before you can be sure of no longer being contagious. *This is not always accurate. Consider the common cold. People can show symptoms and never have a fever, yet cold viruses still spread. It may be a good rule of thumb that if you have a fever you are at the most contagious point in your infection, but you may be contagious before or after a fever has occurred. If your fever has subsided then you may be safe to be in public, but continue to take precautions not to infect others by limiting touch to surfaces, wearing a face mask or covering your mouth, etc.

How long after fever breaks can you go out?

You should wait at least 12-24 hours to go anywhere after a fever breaks. You may still be contagious and others could catch your sickness.

What is a sentence for the word contagious?

This is not a contagious disease.The virus is contagious.

Are you contagious if your dog makes you sick?

Yes you are still contagious.

When can you get the flu from someone?

Anyone who is feeling flu-like symptoms is contagious. You are most contagious when you have a fever or have had a fever in the past 24-48 hours. I am not a doctor. I recently had H1N1 that turned into pneumonia and this is what my doctor told me when I asked about attending family Christmas gatherings. I stayed at home alone and away from all people while I had a fever and first two days I didn't have a fever. I was with family, including young children, 48 hours after my fever had gone away, but I avoided close contact and washed my hands A LOT. I still felt sick (tired, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, etc...) but the fever had been gone for two days. No one I was around has come down with H1N1. Hope that helps!

Is croup still contagious if you are on antibiotic?

till symptom are showing it is contagious

Are cold sores that are scabbed contagious?

Cold sores that are scabbed are still contagious.

How long are STDs contagious?

Most STDs are contagious as long as you still have the infection.

How long after bronchitis treated with antibiotics are you contagious?

If your showing symptoms then you are still contagious

Is herpes contagious if it is not inflamed?

According to the related link, it is still contagious if it is not inflamed.

How long are scabies contagious?

Scabies are contagious until it's gone. When the scabies are gone. It is not longer contagious. But, you have to wash your blankets & clothes that you used when you had them. Or they can still be contagious.

Is strep throat contagious if you are on antibiotics?

Yes.You must finish taking all of the antibiotics. Even if your symptoms have begun to clear up and you are feeling better; if you still have antibiotics left than you are likely still contagious.Symptoms often begin to go away before you have completed taking all of the medicine, the virus itself however is normally still present and your body is still fighting it off.

Are you contagious if chickenpox bumps are still visible?

Chickenpox is no longer contagious once the lesions are scabbed over. So it is possible for spots to be visible, but to no longer be contagious.A chickenpox rash is contagious until all lesions are scabbed over. A person may no longer be contagious even if the spots are still visible.

How long are ear mites contagious?

once treatment is started are ear mites still contagious

How did Serina Hershey die?

Serina Hershley died due to scarlet fever at the age of five. Like many other children, she was still highly susceptible to the contagious and deadly disease at the time.

Does scarlet fever still exist today?

Yes, scarlet fever is still around.

When is a virus contagious?

a virus is contagious when a person first catches it but when a person gets over a virus they may still be contagious,over a short period of time it eventually isnt so contagious

Is yellow fever still around?

Yes, yellow fever is still around but not in North America.

Does yellow fever still exist today?

yes the yellow fever still exists today.