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The two are not the same, though they often parallel each other. The law regulates a set of standards. Morality regulates a set of ethics. For instance, adultery is not illegal, but it could be argued that it is immoral. Corporations routinely are found not legally culpable for engaging in practices that could be considered immoral, like addicting people to cigarettes or failing to fix an auto problem that kills people because settlements cost less than the fix. On the flip side, demonstrators fighting for a just cause might be breaking laws but it could be argued that they are correct morally.

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Q: If something is legal is it moral and vice-versa?
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What is the difference between a moral act and a legal act?

A legal act is something done within or as required by the law. A moral act is one which involves acting on morals. They are usually, but not always, the same thing.

What is the difference between a power and a duty?

Power is the ability to do something, and a duty is what is expected of you by legal or moral obligation

What is obiligation?

Obligation means duty ie something that must be done because of legal or moral duty

What is is the difference between moral punishment and legal punishment?

moral starts with a m and legal starts with a l

What is y times -z?

-zy or y(-z) and viceversa or y x -z and viceversa

Is moral permissibility the same as legal permissibility?

No moral and legal permissibility are not the same. Moral permissibility is what is morally allowed and legal permissibility is what is legally allowed. An act can be morally permissible but can also be against the law.

What actors and actresses appeared in Viceversa - 2013?

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Did Lincoln think slavery was a moral or legal issue?

He thought that it was a moral issue

What advice would you give a friend who wants to achieve something?

Tell them to be successful at what they want to do and support their decisions if you think the decisions are legal and moral.

Why might moral obligations seem more important than legal responsibilities?

i think that moral obligation seem more important than legal responsibilities because moral obligation is the duty or responsibility in which he feels honour that why i think that moral obligation seem more important than legal responsibilities.

If a promise clearly makes a moral obligation than does the law make it a legal obligation?

Not necessarily. Morals are, by definition, more subjective than the law. You may have a moral obligation to do something for which there is no legal punishment available at all. Maybe you have a moral obligation to give your children presents as your money may permit, but there is no legal obligation to give them more than the necessaries, even if you are filthy rich. In other cases you may have a moral obligation that merely creates a separate and distinct legal obligation. For example, you may have a moral obligation to perform services on a contract, but you cannot be physically forced to actually perform. The only "legal obligation" would be to pay for damages caused by your failure to perform, if any. Therefore, even if there is a legal obligation stemming from such a moral obligation ("you gave your word"), they are not the same obligation.

What is the difference between moral validity and legal validity?

The law is an ass. Just because something is legally right does not mean that it's morally right.

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