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Simple answer yes. Penetration is not required to conceive. Only viable sperm and union with a present viable egg. If a male ejaculates near the vaginal entrance and contact is achieved between the vaginal entrance and the semen, then it is possible for the sperm to travel and join with the egg.

The only surefire way to avoid conception, is to avoid any form of vaginal contact with any amount of seminal fluid. Even pre-ejaculate or precum may be enough for conception.

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Can i get pregnant if I'm not ovulating?

Yes. The sperm can live in the vagina for almost a week, and if you weren't ovulating during the time of sex you most likely will be before the sperm dies. Be careful!

How do you know if you have stronger fertile eggs to meet your partners sperm?

You cant really tell who has "stronger" eggs/sperm. But you can take a ovulation test to tell when your ovulating.

Can you get pegnant from sperm lasting 3 days in your vagina?

Yes as long as you are fertile that time.

Can you get pregnant if sperm was transported orally to your vagina if you were highly fertile?

No. The fluids in the mouth will kill the sperm, so they will not make you pregnant. It must be direct contact.

Can you only get pregnant when you're ovulating?

Technicly yes. However sperm can live in the vagina anywhere from 24 hours up to 7 days.

Do you get pregnant every time sperm enters the vagina?

No. Pregnancy does not occur every time sperm enters the vagina, but only when there is at least one fertile egg is present along with the sperm. It all depends. If you're on the pill, the chance is little and sperm has to reach the eggs and there has to be penetration.

When is a woman the most fertile during her cycle?

A woman is most fertile during ovulation - which is typically two weeks before menstruation. A woman is also fertile up to a week leading up to ovulation when there is fertile quality cervical mucus present, this can keep sperm alive in the vagina for up to a week by which time the woman may ovulate. Unless you use Fertility Awareness Method you can't know when you're fertile.

How many times does a man's sperm need to enter the vagina of a women for her to become pregnant?

A girl/woman can get pregnant the first time she has sex if she is ovulating.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you put sperm in your vagina during your fertile days?

Absolutely. You will have to wait to see if your period is late and if so, take a HPT. Sperm dies within a few minutes of coming into contact with air. If the sperm was released during sex and you wiped it on your vagina....or put it in your vagina like you mentioned above...then this would mean the sperm was fresh and there is a risk of pregnancy.

Can poring sperm in to the vagina get you pregnant?

Yes. It doesn't matter how sperm gets into the vagina; sperm + vagina often = pregnancy.

Why do dogs get stuck while mateing?

So that the sperm cannot leave the vagina, if it can't leave it will increase her chances of becoming fertile.

How much sperm is in preejaculate?

There tends to be much less viable sperm in preejaculate than in actual ejaculate at the end of sex. However, it often contains enough sperm cells to cause pregnancy. Do keep in mind that any fluid from the penis during sex can spread disease. So to help prevent diseases and pregnancy, condoms are always recommended.

What if he ejaculated inside of you and you will be ovulating two days later?

Sperm can survive in the vagina up to 72 hours (roughly) after being deposited there, so yes, there is a risk of pregnancy.

If sperm gets on any part of vagina can i get pregnant?

possible if you're about to ovulate or already ovulating and your mucus is thin enough and there's alot of it flowing out; the sperm can swim through your mucus from the outside to the inside of your body if they get close enough to your vagina; the mucus actually nourishes the sperm and lubricates the passageway to your tubes which helps them swim to your egg faster.

Can you get pregnant if you have sperm in your vagina even tho you take a shower right away?

You can get pregnant. This is why...when you are ovulating, your cervix opens. The sperm go into the cervix and up into the fallopian tubes where they meet the egg. A shower will only make you clean.

Can you get pregnant if a guy rubs his penis on your vagina while you're wearing underwear?

No. No, absolutely not. To get pregnant, the man must ejaculate semen inside your vagina. Even then, you have to be ovulating in order for the sperm to find your egg. I've never heard of sperm traveling thru undergarments and into the female's vagina, into the uterus and still fertilizing an egg. That's simply not how it works.

Can tampons get you pregnant?

No, obviously tampons cannot get you pregnant - this is impossible.To get pregnant sperm has to fertilize an egg, that egg then has to implant itself into the uterus. Typically sex is the only way to get pregnant: a mans penis goes into the vagina, he ejaculates to introduce sperm into the vagina and if a woman is ovulating at the time sperm will fertilize the egg. A tampon is not a penis and inserting a tampon is not sex, nor is there sperm in tampons.

If sperm leaked from base of condom and she was on top it might have rubbed against the opening of her vagina and she is at the end of period How likely she can get pregnant?

extremely likely. If any sperm enters the vagina, depending how fertile the receiver is, it could fertilise with the ovum, creating a foetus. BE CAREFUL!

If virgin girl's vagina comes in the contact with sperm what will happen?

The penis would have had to physically ejaculated into the vagina, and her natural "lubricant" (other wise known as getting wet) acts as a protective guard for the sperm, along with the semen to make its journey to the fertile egg.

Can sperm travel when its outside the vagina?

It is highly unlike that sperm jump into the vagina.

Does a girl's vaginal fluid kill sperm? helps to fertilize the sperm with the egg if ovulating.

Does the sperm have to go in your vagina to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant if sperm is in or around the vagina. They will move to get home.

Can sperm swim from outside of the vagina to the inside?

No, sperm can only swim inside the vagina.

Can I get pregnant if I am ovulating and I pushed my fiance's sperm inside my vagina with my fingers?

Yes. Unprotected sex always has a chance of pregnancy, that chance goes up depending on your cycle and general health.

Can pre-ejaculate still get you pregnant if he takes a shower?

Yes, you can still get pregnant if your ovulating. When the pre-ejaculated fluid enters your vagina the sperm will still move towards the egg.