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Serratia marcescens incubated at 37 degrees Celsius will have almost a clear pigmentation. However, when S. marcescens is incubated at 25 degrees Celsius it will produce a very distinct red color.

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How do you dispose of Serratia marcescens?


What does the lack of orange-red pimentation mean on an agar slant labeled S marcescens?

Could mean that the culture is contaminated since the red pigmentation is very characteristic of Serratia marcescens

Is serratia marcescens contagious?

No, it is infectious.

The arrangement of serratia marcescens?


There is a lack of orange-red pigmentation in some of the growth on your agar slant labeled S marcescens Does this necessarily indicate the presence of a contaminant?

Serratia marcescens makes a bright red streak on an agar slant

Can one catch serratia marcescens from family member?

My Dad has had Serratia marcescens for 5 months and no antibiotic is getting rid of it. Can he infect his family by coughing?

Is serratia marcescens dnase positive or negative?

Serratia genus as a whole is dnase positive.

How does a healthy immune system keep Serratia marcescens in check?

A healthy immune system keeps the Serratia marcescens in check simply by keeping you healthy and warning your body if there is anything wrong with your Serratia Marcenscens.

What is the optimum temperatures of Serratia marcescens?

Room temperature.

Is serratia marcescens positive for a starch hydrolysis test?


Serratia marcescens gram positive or gram negative?


IS serratia marcescens negative for a starch hydrolysis test?


Compare the properties of colonies of serratia marcescens and micrococcus luteus?


Can the serratia marcescens capsule be disrupted by hemocin?

LMM Billy

Is Serratia marcescens an obligate aerobe or a facultative anaerobe?

Members of the genus Serratia are facultative anaerobes. Answer from a professor of microbiology.

What test will differentiate between Enterobacter cloacae and Serratia marcescens?

TSI Serratia marcescens: red slant; yellow butt Enterobacter Cloacae: red slant; red butt -Adam C.

What color is S marcescens in an agar slant tube?

Serratia marcescens makes a bright red streak on an agar slant

How do I prevent pink stains on bath?

Its a bacteria called Serratia marcescens

Is serratia marcescens gram positive or gram negative bacteria?

its gram -

What bacteria cultures turn red at room temperature?

Serratia marcescens

What does serratia marcescens look like on a nutrient agar plate?


What color and shape is serratia marcescens?

gold color and shape is round

Why does Serratia marcescens have a red pigment at room temperature?

Serratia marcescens produces a compound called prodigiosin that binds iron. The production of this pigment is increased at room temperature which gives the bacterial colonies a red pigment.

Is serratia marcescens acid-fast?

Serratia marcesens is an acid fast negative bacillus. It appears blue under the microscope.

What are the symptoms of having the infection serratia marcescens?

Burning urination, peripheral neuropothy,