If taken care of will grass die?

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If taken care of grass will not die. Grass is fairly resilient and needs a lot of abuse or harsh chemicals for it to die.

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Q: If taken care of will grass die?
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Is grass a renewable source?

Yes Grass like bamboo which is in fact a form of grass is a renewable resource so long as care is taken that the correct conditions are maintained for its regeneration.

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What type of grass covers the playing court?

There are 2 types:1.) Naural Grass.2.) Synthetic Grass.Natural Grass: Natural Grass needs really good care. It can die and get wrecked very easily just from players running around on it. The owners of the courts need to water and and take very good care of it every day.Synthetic Grass: Synthetic Grass is grass that doesn't grow. It has sand on it to help the players slide and for a different type of surface. Synthetic Grass doesn't need anywhere near as much care as Natural Grass.

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I'm guessing you mean how can grass die. Lack of water or nutrients is the main reason that grass dies.

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