The Battle of Hastings

If the Battle of Hastings wasnt in Hastings why is it called the Battle of Hastings?


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because it was fought in a place called sussex but they thought they were fighting in Hastings.

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becauser there wasnt a war on then and people were getting bored

harold hardrada wasnt at the battle of hastings, He was defeated at stamford Bridge a few days earlier

The battle of hastings got its name because it was near a place called Hastings (about 10km from it) and it was in a place called battle, which didnt get its name until after the battle.

AnswerThe battle was fought on Senlac Hill, in a village called Battle, eight miles north west of the coastal town of Hastings in the south east of England.It could have been called "the Battle of Senlac Hill", or even "the Battle for England," but all historians now use the name "Battle of Hastings."Perhaps it is called the battle of hastings as Williams troops arrived in Pevensey and made their way to Hasting where they awaited Harold and his armyWell, in those times battle was really called Hastings. So they called it the Battle of Hastings. However they soon changed Hastings and called it battle AFTER the battle had happened. But they did not see the point in changing the name, because it was already history.

The battle of Hastings was near hastings, and after the battle the town was called Battle. It was fought in October, 1066 it ended on October the 14th. Hope this helps x

The Battle of Hastings took place in the countryside near a town called Hastings, in East Sussex.

Because it took place ina town in England called Hastings.

The battle of hastings was at a town just outside which was ot named until after the batle took place and they called it battle. The battle of hastings was at a town just outside which was ot named until after the batle took place and they called it battle.

In a place called Battle, 6 miles inland to the north-west of Hastings.

the battle of hasting was set in what is now called Battle

Stamford bridge this is befor the battle of hastings

The battle didnt actually take place in hastings it took place 6 miles from hastings in a place called battle.Harold Godwinson was killed by being shot in the eye by an arrow.

The battle of Hastings was in 1066.

The battle of hastings occurred in 1066.

It is called the Battle Of Hastings,named after where it took place.

the clues in the name the battle was the battle of Hastings and it was fought in Hastings on Senlac Hill

it was also called battle of Senlac hill and I have ebven heard about something called battle abbey

yes but i dont know what they are called

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