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While German implements of war were engineered well and well manufactured, they were perhaps a little TOO finely engineered. They ran well, had better capability than any other tanks, but they required too much maintenance. The desert sand wore at the finely machined mechanisms and since the German tanks were engineered to be so tight, the tanks failed as the parts wore or were blocked with sand. The Germans continued to engineer the way they did everything else, they were rigid perfectionists and could never acknowledge that their ways needed to be changed. If you go to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, you'll be able to see a German fighter airplane alongside a U.S. fighter airplane of the same vintage. The Germans had done the same thing with their airplanes. The United States manufacturing machine would push out far more airplanes than did the Germans. Which would be better? More airplanes that were lighter and cheaper and disposable, or fewer airplanes that comming off the assembly line and required maintenance at a far higher rate?

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Q: If the German tanks in the African Campaign were as much better than the British tanks as the English claimed why did they suffer such high losses in operation Crusader or Gazala?
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Originally called Operation Gymnast, Operation Torch was the British-American invasion of French North Africa during the second african campaign during World War 2.

Who was the leader of the operation torch?

Operation Torch was the invasion of North Africa in World War 2 during the North African Campaign and started on 8 November 1942 by British and American forces and was led by Eisenhower with substantial UK support

What was the death toll for operation torch?

Operation Torch (initially called Operation Gymnast) was the British-American invasion of French North Africa in World War II during the North African Campaign, started November 8, 1942. The Death toll for both sides was put at 1,815+.

What was going on in Africa during World War 2?

The African campaign (operation scorch) was an attack on north Africa by the allied force of American and British forces to capture and put an end to Germany's Afrika Korps.

What armies were involved in the north African campaign?

During World War II, the armies involved in the North African campaign were basically two in number. On the one side, the Axis forces consisted of German and Italian troops. On the other side, the Allied forces initially consisted of British, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, and Free French troops (among others); then, in late 1942, American forces joined the campaign through the successful implementation of 'Operation Torch' in western North Africa.

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Did North Africa win the north African campaing?

The North Africa campaign was the British and Americans against the Germans in North Africa. It was won by Britain and America.

Who was the British General in charge of the southern campaign for the British?

Charles Cornwallis

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Torch was the code Name given to the invasion of Algeria region in French north Africa carried out in November 1942 by the Allied forces in order to take from the back the Axis Army that was fighting in Libya against the British Army led by Montgomery. The invasion was counterbalanced by the Axis army which managed to invade Tunisia, thus prolonging the war in North Africa until May 1943. Operation Torch was the British American invasion of French north Africa during the north African campaign of the second world war. Initially it was called as Operation Gymnast.

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your mother

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what was the purpose of the dardanelles campaign when there was a foothold already in jerusalem ? ( british/allies )

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There were two leaders of British forces in Africa in 1942. For the first half of the year they were led by General Claude Auchinleck, who was then replaced by General Harold Alexander for the second half of the year and the rest of the North African campaign.

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