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No. the sperm has to get into the vagina

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Can a virgin get pregnant if semen wet her outer pants?

Semen on the outside of your clothes can't get you pregnant, virgin or otherwise. In order to get pregnant, the sperm has to enter your uterus through the vagina.

Can you get pregnant if you weren't wearing clothes but your boyfriend was and he ejaculated and got his pants a tiny bit wet?

I would think no because the clothes would act as a barrier that the sperm could not penetrate

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy's penis is out and the girl has clothes on?

If there was no genital to genital contact, no unless he ejaculated on his hand then touched her genitals with that hand. Even then, very low chance of pregnancy. No, you cannot get pregnant when the girl has clothes on and the boy's penis is out of his pants. No chance!

Why did you segregate the white clothes from color?

Dye from the colored clothes can "bleed" onto the white clothes. Wash a red shirt with white pants, you may get pink pants.

What do you do if you pee your pants?

If you accidentally pee your pants, you should change your clothes right away. If you do not have clothes with you, you should go home to change.

What did John Cabot wear for clothes?

baggy pants and loose clothes

What color was link's pants in the wind waker?

His pants are orange before you get the hero's clothes.

What is the homophone for shirts pants hats and shorts?

The Homophone for shirts,pants,hats and shorts are clothes

Can you have a baby with your clothes on?

If the clothing is pants, then you cannot have a baby with them on.

When can not you get a woman pregnant?

When you keep it in your pants, luv.

How do you spell clouse as in a shirt or pants or scarfs?

The word is spelled clothes. Example: I washed my clothes.

How do you change your clothes style?

Easy if you always wear pants start swiching to shorts or shorter pants

Clothes beginning with the letter c?

cape coat camouflage cap camisole capri pants cardigan sweater cargo pants carpenter pants

What should you do if you peed your pants?

Take a shower and change clothes.

Does Lady Gaga poop her pants?

No, she doesn't wear pants. Take a look at her videos or pictures of her in her "street" clothes. you will notice that she just doesn't wear pants.

How do you get candle wax out of cotton clothes and nylon gym pants?

For your cotton clothes use a piece of paper toweling and a medium warm iron. Put the paper toweling over the wax and hold the iron on for a few seconds at a time until all the wax comes out. DO NOT USE THE IRON on your nylong gym pants. Put your gym pants in the freezer and pray you can chip the wax off the next day, then wash as usual.

What do Chilean's clothes look like?

Chilean clothes are closely associated with the garments like ponchos, coats, and pants.

Is there fiber in semen?

it depends if your pants are on when it comes out!

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