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The custodial parent (the one who has the child/children) is receiving SSI that is not included in the decision of the amount of support paid by the non custodial parent. If the non custodial parent is receiving SSD or SSI or other public assistance it is included in the decision for the amount of child support granted and such benefits can be garnished. Please click on the related links below: Public Web A non custodial parent, unfortunately, cannot be forced to pay child support!! What kind of country do we live in??

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Can you collect benefits from both California state disability and the disability insurance that your employer offers?

You will have to check your employer's disability policy. Some will integrate benefits with state disability, and others will be considered as supplemental. A supplemental policy allows you to collect benefits from both.

Is disability insurance taxable income?

Determining if the benefits are taxable depend supon whether the premiums were paid before or after taxes. If before taxes, the disability income you receive is taxable. If youpremiums were paid after taxation, the disability income benefits you receive are not taxable.

Can you apply for Social Security I along with your short term disability?

Social Security Disability payments are available to those who have a disability expected to last more than a year. Short term disability is considered to be for six months and is not included in benefits. This is from the Disability Benefits brochure available online.

What are disability benefits?

Disability benefits are government benefits which are provided for people who have an ailment classified as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities act.

What disAbility benefits are there?

There are disability benefits for people that might be facing problems with their health. There are also disability benefits for people with mental problems as well.

Are there temporary disability benefits for Florida residents?

Are there temporary disability benefits for Florida

Can Social Security disability benefits be garnished?

No, they are protected from creditor judgments under federal statutes. However, all Social Security benefits awarded to a non custodial parent are subject to garnishment for child support obligations.

How long can you collect disability?

People can collect disability for as long as they are considered disabled. If someone is receiving and afraid of losing benefits they should speak with their local SSI about it.

Is VA Disability considered tax exempt?

VA Disability Benefits You do NOT include disability benefits you receive from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in your gross income. In particular some of the payments which are considered disability benefits include:*.Disability compensation and pension payments for disabilities paid either to veterans or their families,*.Grants for homes designed for wheelchair living,*.Grants for motor vehicles for veterans who lost their sight or the use of their limbs, or*.Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program.The VA publishes an annual benefits booklet, a comprehensive guide for Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors.If you are a military retiree and receive your disability benefits from the VA, go to IRS gov web site and use the search box for IRS Publication 525 for more information.

Can you claim benefits for child with ADHD?

Yes; ADHD is considered a disability and is covered in various medical plans. In the United States and Canada, the benefits vary.

What is presumption disability is this typr considered when one applies for SS Disablity in general?

Presumptive disability is NOT considered when you apply for SSDI. This category of benefits only applies to Medicaid and SSI benefits. If you have one of the conditons that triggers presumptive disability review under those systems, I would advise trying to get Medicaid coverage ASAP while waiting for your SSDI determination.

How do you file disability?

Go to the SSA gov website and choose DISABILITY at the top in the middle of the page Social Security Disability Insurance Program Apply for disability benefits Apply Online for Disability Benefits

Can you already be receiving disability benefits and get married?

Receiving disability benefits does not make you legally unable to marry.

What are some benefits for children with disabilities?

There are several different benefits for children with disabilities. Some of these include Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and Childhood Disability benefits.

Can employer paid disability plans be considered taxable?

Yes, employer paid disability insurance plans are normally paid with pre-tax money, therefore the benefits will be taxed.

Can short term disability be garnished to pay child support in New Jersey?

Most likely, the majority of disability benefits are considered income and therefore subject to garnishment. The deciding factor is usually the type of disability benefits whether from a private or public source. All SS benefits and state public assistance benefits are garnishable for child support obligations Please be advised, when exemptable funds are comingled with other non exempt funds they are considered income until the account holder proves the monies are not subject to garnishment.

Where can one find information on social security disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration has a great deal of information about disability benefits both online and in print form. They have pamphlets for each type of disability benefits available.

Can you collect disability after your disability claim is closed and you are able to work?

If you are able to work you are not eligible for disability benefits.

Where can one receive a social security disability benefit?

Social Security Disability Benefits are available from the American Government. In Canada, they are called Canadian Disability Pension Plan Benefits.

Can you collect disability insurance for an ulcer?

This depends on the type of Disability insurance you have and also how bad the ulcer is. Normally, individual and group Disability insurance requires that you be unable to perform the material duties of your current occupation, in order to qualify and receive any benefits. If the ulcer is preventing you from working in your job, then there is a chance you may qualify for benefits. If it does not affect your ability to work, then you should not expect to receive benefits. If you are counting on Social Security Disability, you should not expect to be paid disability benefits. Social Security is significantly more difficult to qualify for. You must essentially be unable to do any form of work, in order to be considered disabled and eligible for benefits.

How do you file for disability for husband after he passed away?

Sorry, unless you are using the wrong terms in asking your question - death is not considered a disability, and your deceased husband would not be eligible for any DIASABILITY benefits.

How do you get social security disability benefits?

Disability benefits are through the Social Security Administration. You can contact their local office or visit their website.

Can a person receive disability and social security benefits?

disability ,then social security

If you get married while getting disability benefits will it effect your benefits?

Yes it will.

Are VA Disability benefits taxable?

Your VA Disability check is NOT taxable. VA Disability is a compensation NOT earned income.