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What is a sentence for purity?

The purity of the lake water is questionable.You can tell the purity of your tap water by purchasing a home water testing kit.

What can you tell about a hydrocarbon that is very viscous and not very flammable?

A hydrocarbon that is very viscous and not very flammable is made of a long chain hydrocarbon.

How will flammble liquid be identified?

It will have a 'fire' logo on the container, which will tell the person how flammable the item is. The same thing goes for flammable containers on trucks.

The solubility of a substance tell what about it?

the solubility of a substance can only tell what about it, when the substance is bean identify e.g the solubility of sugar in water.

What can you not do if you wear a purity ring?

If you wear a purity ring, you are not supposed to have sex, although it is well known that people who wear them do have sex. I guess what you can not do is tell your friends if you did.

Is pearl based jewelry flammable?

A genuine pearl is not easily flammable. Faux pearls, however, tend to be highly flammable. Exposure to flame is actually considered a reliable test to tell the whether a pearl is real or fake.

What does percent composition tell about a substance?

It tells you what the substance is made of

What does percent composition tell you about a substance?

It tells you what the substance is made of.

How can you tell if a substance is hygroscopic?

If the substance absorbs water like crazy.

What form factor does Toshiba use?

form factor tell about the purity of sine wave

Can you tell the purity by the melting point?

*usually* melting point is a good indicator of a substance's purity. The technique of melting point determination is used frequently in organic chemistry labs.

Is insect spray a toxin corrosive or flammable?

It is difficult to answer you unless you say which insect spray. The tin should tell you about all these things, have a look at it. In general most pesticides are toxic and flammable.

What does the solubility of a substance tell you?

The solubility of a substance tells you when conditions change i think x

What does a physical property tell you about a substance?

This physical property is specific to a substance and can help in identification.

Am i too young to have a purity ring i am ten and i want a purity ring but im not sure if there is a certain age or not and if i can how do i tell my parents?

i don't think there an age limit and if you tell your parent they might be proud of you that you are serious about not having sex until marriage so you should go for it

What does the formula of a substance tell you?

The formula of a substance(element or compound) tells us the number of molecules in the in the substance(element or compound).

Is chlorine flamable?

I would suggest looking in your textbook, but because I know it, I'll tell you... It's NOT flammable.

What does stamped on jewelry mean?

The stamps on jewellery are called hallmarks. They can tell an expert where, when and in some cases who made the item. It can also tell you the purity of the metal

What do valance electrons tell us about atoms?

they tell us if the substance is stable or not

Where can you get an abstinence ring?

I am looking for a purity ring in gold which reads, "I will wait for my beloved." Can you tell me where to find one?

What liquid has a density of 1.39?

I'm not sure what substance has that density, but what i can tell you is that the substance your looking for is a gas.

What does pH number between 0-7 tell you about the substance?

This tells you that the substance is acidic.

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