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If the father wants custody rights, this would be usable in court.

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In Ga does listing the father on the birth certificate give him rights?

Single fathers have no rights in any state see link below

Why cant you take fathers name off of birth certificate if he signed his rights away?

If a father signs his rights away, he can't be put on the birth certificate. This is because he is no longer, legally, considered to be the father. This is something that he should consider before signing away his rights.

Laws in Kentucky for rights of a father of an unborn child?

In the United States, fathers have no rights regarding unborn children. In Kentucky, a father won't have rights to a child unless he's on the birth certificate or until he establishes paternity in court.

Do fathers have rights if married after the child is born?

This is an area not addressed in the statutes. Single fathers have no assumed rights. How this may apply if there's a divorce later on has not been addressed at this time. To the best of my knowledge, mothers or attorneys have not attempted to claim the father still has no rights.

Visitation rights in Wisconsin for fathers Can DNA test be done after signing birth certificate?

DNA testing can be done before or after a birth certificate is signed if there is any question about who the father of a child is or if visitation rights are being contested.

What rights do biological fathers have in Georgia?

Biological fathers have the right to see their children just as much as biological mothers. If they are not married to the mother, t hey may have to prove they are the father by taking a paternity test.

Is it bad for the father if he doesn't sign the birth certificate?

Single fathers have no rights whether he signs or not, but he's still obligated to pay support. see link

What are the legal rights for a father concerning a newborn?

He has just as many rights to the child as the mother does. It is his child too after all. HOWEVER- his rights are not as cut and dry as are the mothers. If his name is NOT on the birth certificate he has NO rights. At that point he would be required to pay for DNA testing to prove it is his child before he can do anything. Then and only then can he exercise his rights as a father.

How do you take mothers parental rights away?

same way as a fathers. see link

When is it considered kidnapping if there are no legal custodial rights?

Police don't question mothers about custody when there's a claim the father kidnapped the child, but single fathers have absolutely no rights to the child until granted them. see link

Why are there all kinds of single father rights help but no single mothers rights help sites?

For centuries, mothers were seen as the sole nurturers for children. Fathers began revolting against this idea in the 1970s (see movie Cramer vs. Cramer) -- this is despite that fathers typically held all power within the family. Fathers have been fighting for equal custody rights since then-- while women have fought for equality of power and paycheck/income in society and the home. Why don't you start a mother's rights website?

You live in Nebraska and the mother of your unborn child wants to move out of state What can you do?

for all fathers...you have rights! is not only the mothers baby but is also your baby.go to an attorney and speak about fathers rights

If one of the parent is not in the birth certificate can mother take child out of the state?

Fathers with parental rights are not always listed on the birth certificate.

If your boyfriend didn't sign the birth certificate what rights do he have?

none even if he did He must have rights as a father. The CHILD have the right to his father.

What if father does not sign birth certificate?

He has no rights or legally anything to do with you.

If the fathers is not on the birth certificate can you put the fathers name on later?

Yes, but single fathers need to know they have no specific rights even with his name on it. Only a court can grant that. See link

Does The father Have rights if his name Is not on the certificate?

No. By signing the certificate he says he is the father of the child. If he then wants visitation rights or custody he have to petition in court after he has established paternity by a DNA test. He can then also pay child support.

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