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i had the same so went to docs and got a postive. gud luck if your trying

If the first line is the line that shows up if you are pregnant, yes you could be pregnant. It doesn't have to be a dark line. You should wait a few days and take another one or go see a doctor for a test.

yes most likely you are

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Q: If the first line on an HPT was very faint does that mean you could be pregnant?
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Could you be pregnant there is a faint line on pregnancy test?


Very faint line after 10 minutes on pregnancy test could I be pregnant?


Would a faint line on a test mean you are pregnant even though another one said you were pregnant?

I'll assume you meant that another one said you were not pregnant, but that you got a faint line on a +/- type of test. You could well be pregnant. Was the other test a digital or a +/- type?

Does a faint line mean that you are pregnant?


Very faint and thin line appeared right away on pregnancy test could I be pregnant and anyone else have this happen?

A faint line normally means that the test is still positive. However it also depends on the pregnancy test. If you want to know for sure get a test that says pregnant or not pregnant such as Clear Blue. Or you can contant you doctor and take a blood test. The faint line happened to me on two tests, and I am pregnant.

If you just took a pregnancy test and the 2nd line is very faint - but it is there - does this mean you're pregnant?

It could mean you're pregnant, but it also could be an evaporation line. Take another one.

What does it mean if you get a faint line on a pregnancy test?

If it is a faint pink line then it means you are pregnant. If it is a faint grey line then it is what is called an evaporation line and you are not pregnant. If you are unsure wait a couple of days and take another test. You might also try a digital test. There is no mistaking that one!

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

What does it mean when you have a faint blue line and a dark blue line on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant

What if a pregnancy test shows one dark line and one faint line?

You are pregnant

What does a faint negative line mean on a equate pregnancy test?

If the negative line is faint it could mean that ur pregnant and its just too early to tell or it could mean that it was just that test. Either way i would retest in at least a day or two.

A faint line came up and then disappeared.Am i pregnant?

Even if it's faint, it still means you're pregnant. I would go and check with your doctor

What does a really faint blue negative line mean on an ept?

your pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you pregnant if there is a faint second like on your test?

Yes, you are pregnant. Even if the line is very light, as long as there is a line, the test is positive.

1 faint vertical line and 1 bold line with the Kroger pregnancy test meaning I'm pregnant?

Answer Yes you very well could be. The bold line is the control and the faint line is the line that detects the pregnancy hormone (hcg). You can take another test now or wait a few days and take it then. The faint line will only get bolder with time. Try a different brand and see if you get the same results. AnswerYou might be better off trying a digital pregnancy test. This just says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant', so it is much easier to understand

Its 2 days to your expected period and you tested you got a faint line can you be pregnant?

Yes,you are probably pregnant.The line is faint because you tested so early.

I had severval faint positive tests then just retested and still a very faint line shouldn't the line be getting darker at 5 weeks?

Not necessarily but as long as there is a line, faint or not, you ARE pregnant. Considering that you have taken multiple tests, it's safe to say that you're not just getting a false positive. The line doesn't get darker the more pregnant you are.

Does a faint positive lines mean early pregnacie?

Any line that indicates that you are positive even a faint line means that pregnancy horomones were detected so you are pregnant.

What does it mean if you took a pregnancy test the day before your next period should start and it came out negative but the line was very faint like almost not there?

How can it be negative if there was a faint line. my period was a day late with a very faint line and im definitely pregnant u have very low HCG in ur urine at the time ur period is due if u are pregnant that's y the line is faint. Congradulations

How faint is faint line on pregnancy test you did one very early period due wed and if you tilt it you can see a very faint line?

Pretty faint- barely visible really. That's how I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I almost didn't believe that I was pregnant because it was so faint. It could be because you are testing very early- using an early pregnancy test will detect earlier, but you might not have that much hormone (HCG) present in your urine so that might produce a faint line. It also depends on what time of day you take the test, and how much you have had to drink. Take another test first thing in the morning in a few days, and the line should be a bit darker- though it could still be fainter than the control line- that is the line that tells you that the test is working... also make sure you don't rely on results after 10 minutes or you could be seeing an evaporation line- make sure you read the test directions thoroughly each test is different.

You took a pregnancy test the results were one faint blue line and one dark blue line does this mean you are pregnant?

You could be or you could be and are loosing the pregnancy. Wait a week or two and retest to see what it tells you.

If one line is very faint and you can just about see it can you be pregnant?

It is possible. Wait 3 days and take another with your first morning urine.

I looked at my pregnancy test after 2 hours of doing it there was a very very faint line am i pregnant?

yes ,the line appears very very faint in the early stages of pregnancy

Does a faint line joining from the top of your pelvis to your belly button mean your pregnant?

No it doesn't mean you are pregnant. Sometimes woman who are pregnant have it the line comes out. It could just also mean you are going through puberty I have it and I am 12 years old and has had it since last summer.

Extremley faint line on pregnancy test hour after it was taken are you pregnant?

No. If it's not there with in at least 5 minutes, you're not pregnant