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The majority of legal documents are not valid unless they have been signed and witnessed in the prescribed manner. The validity of original or amended insurance policies are usually decided by the policy issuer.

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Q: If the insured dies but was still in the process of changing his beneficiary from his brother to his new wife with only the signature of the insured missing who of the two benefits?
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What if your mothers will names your brother and you as beneficiaries your brother passes away a month later does this make you sole beneficiary?

yes. that would make u the sole beneficiary.

If I'm the beneficiary of life insurance policies of my brother and who named me as beneficiary prior to his marriage and during his marriage do I still have legal rights to this life insurance?

You will receive the death benefit unless your brother has changed the beneficiary. Regardless of marriage, divorce, life changes, etc; unless the insured contacts their insurance company and changes their beneficiary, the money will go to the specified beneficiary; FYI- your brother would not be required to notify you as current (or ex) beneficiary if he changed the policy. Also, many life insurance policies have a primary and a successor beneficiary; the successor is the person who would receive the benefit if something were to happen to both the insured and the primary beneficiary.

If a man names his brother beneficiary of a life insurance policy and not his wife can she still collect?

Depends on the state in which you reside. If you live in a community property state such as California or Washington, the spouse has to have signed off and had the signature notarized for the spousal rights to be waived.

If brother is executor does he need his brother's signature to sell his dead mother's property?


If my brother and father are dead and father owner of life insurance policy for brother and father named as beneficiary am I beneficiary before my brothers common law wife or my brothers adult son?

Questions that must be considered: (1) Who died first, your father, or your brother? If they both died simultaneously then your brothers's insurance policy wouuld go to your father's estate UNLESS a secondary beneficiary had been named. (2) Who are the named beneficiaries on your brother's insurance policy? It actually makes no difference what their marriage status was, it is the NAMING of a beneficiary that counts, NOT their family status. If no other beneficiary of the policy was named you may have to hope that your father's will included you.

Can your beneficiary collect pension after your suicide?

Can you collect pension money after my brother commited suicide

Your mum who is deceased however was appointed an Executor and Beneficiary in her brother's will does this mean that her entitlement goes to my dad?

No, the entitlement would go to the next in immediate family to the brother.

Brother dies leaves estate to his brother but he is deceased do his children automatically get his inheritance?

Assuming the brother who died with a will was unmarried and had no children, and assuming his beneficiary brother predeceased him, his estate would pass to the children of his siblings. If he had only one brother then his brother's children would inherit his estate.

Your brother received a certified letter to appear in court regarding his being an heir of your deceased uncle. What does this mean?

That would be a notice to your brother that he has been named as a beneficiary of an estate.

How do tell if your father had life insurance and your brother encashed it without you knowing about it?

If you were a beneficiary under a life insurance policy, you would be notified by the company. If you weren't but your brother was, you have no right to know.

Can your brothers wife keep proceeds from insurance policy as executor of his will?

If the estate is listed as the beneficiary of the policy, the executor is bound to follow the wishes of the deceased, in which case the proceeds would go to the "residuary legatee" if no other claim is made on it in the will. If the insurance policy names your brother's wife as the beneficiary, then it goes directly to her and is not part of the estate; in fact, if the beneficiary is not the estate, it should go directly to the beneficiary in any event.

Your husband has deceased and his insurance policy has his deceased mother and brother on the policy How can you get the policy to pay for his funeral?

If the brother was secondary or "contingent" beneficiary and listed as 100% then all the money will go to him, so he would have to help arrange it. If he is a partial beneficiary then he will still get his percentage, but the mothers percentage will go to her estate, or whoever inherited her estate. If this creates a problem, as his wife you might have a chance to go to court and replace the mother as the beneficiary, especially if there was a will stating that he wanted everything to go to you. But this just depends on the state laws usually. But most likely you will have to go through the brother as you have no legal rights to the money since you where not listed on the contract.