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the rest of the world. The Chinese army alone would wipe out our military.

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Hitler started world war 2 and he is in German so the Germans against the rest of the world the way the rest of the world beat germany

If you're talking about the Japan, Germany, and etc., against the rest of the world, its 1948.

They would practice for the war to be prepared, and they would rest.

The US fought against the Axis Powers in World War II, chiefly Germany and Japan. The other member of the Axis was Italy, which abandoned the Axis in the face of Allied invasions in 1943, and fought against Germany for the rest of the war.

the first world war was initially against Germany

the great war would generally refer to the war of 1914-1918 -- the same as the rest of the world

Peaple from different parts of the world helped Britain during the war like America France and sikhs were part of our army swell but to the rest of the world it would mean world peace :)

The battle of Stalingrad affected the rest of world war 2 by?

World War 1 was fought against primarily Germany.

Soldiers fighting in World War I had Rest Camps. In these camps, soldiers could rest and recover from their wounds and illnesses. Unfortunately, the rest camps were ineffective.

There was the war between the bad (Japan and Germany or nazis)and the rest of the world.

Germany could never win a war against the U.S because they would never try to after what happened in world war 2 and world war 1. Also if they did try, I'm not sure how they would attack us as they are not allowed to have a military (since World War II). Other than that, its difficult to predict this kind of thing.

England technically entered world war one because the central powers invaded Belgium who's borders were protected by England, but it is probable that Britain would have joined the war anyways after the rest of the entente had done so.

an elbow rest was used to rest the soldiers elbow.

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2

They waited too long. They failed to get involved in fighting against the Nazi�s until the rest of Europe had either surrendered or declared neutrality. Then the Nazi�s turned their attention on England. That was the point at which the U.S. realized that after Europe, the Nazi�s would be going after the rest of the world.

The British did not fight against the French in World War I. They were on the same side against the Germans.

Japan attacked China long before the rest of the world got involved in World War 2, beginning by taking control of Manchuria in 1931-33. Then in 1937 they moved against the entire country.

In the mornings they would sing a song about Hitler and the rest is normal.

300,000 Czech Civilians were killed during World War 2. 150,000 were due to the Holocaust and rest for Military actions against Civilians by the Germans and the USSR.

I believe "the" did not fight against anyone in World War 2. This question is classified as invalid.

During World War 11, the war against Japan lasted four months longer than the war against Germany.

it was war against the great countres of the world

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