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You need to have your system checked out as it could be low on refrigerant Check your filter.

2006-08-03 12:12:44
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Q: If the temp is 70 degrees in the morning and up to 85 degrees by 1pm and the AC never shuts off is this normal or could it be the refrigerant?
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Why does the ac of 1999 olds intrigue go off and on at will?

It is normal for the compressor to cycle on and off If it is cycling excessively could be due to an incorrect refrigerant charge

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Car Compressor does not turn on?

Could be a blown fuse or low refrigerant charge

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Why do your ac lines get frozen on your 2003 dodge ram 3500?

Could be low on refrigerant.

What could an oily dust spot on a condenser or evaporator coil indicate?

It could mean that there is a leak in the system near the spot. The system cycles oil with the refrigerant, and when the refrigerant escapes through a leak it can release oil, which will leave an oil spot.

Does water boil at 120 Fahrenheit?

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What kind of container can you use to collect old refrigerant?

old refrigerant is a gas and needs to be pumped out or removed via vacuum with the proper machine which deposits it into the same type of tank that new refrigerant is contained in because of pressure. evacuating refrigerant into the air is dangerous and if inhaled is poisonous to people. not to mention illegal if in California. You could try one of those conversion kits from r12 to r134 hooking up the hoses may allow refrigerant to flow into an empty refrigerant btl.

What if a Human body temperature is 88 degrees is it serious?

That is very dangerous if it goes down to 86 you could go into coma. Normal temp is 96-98

Why does my ac work for a while and then get warm in my 2000 Blazer?

Could be low or over charged with refrigerant.

How do you know when you need freon?

The only way to know if Freon (refrigerant) is needed in an air conditioner is to use tools and gauges to measure the performance of the system. The amount of refrigerant needed is based on the design of the entire system including the size of the unit, length and size of the refrigerant lines, temperatures, and type of refrigerant. Refrigerant is not consumed. If refrigerant is needed then the system was either not charged correctly when installed or there is a leak. There could be many reasons a system is not cooling. The correct answer to the question is: A skilled service technician will determined that the system was low on refrigerant by using pressure gauges, thermometers and other tools. There not function a home owner can perform to see if refrigerant is needed.

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