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Q: If there are no real pictures from outside of the milky way galaxy how do we know what it looks like?
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Is our galaxy located outside the milky way?

Our galaxy and the Milky Way are the same galaxy.

Are there any real pictures of the whole Milky Way Galaxy?

No. We can't take a picture of the whole Milky Way from inside the middle of it. We would need to somehow get a camera outside of the galaxy to take that picture.

How bright is a spiral galaxy?

the spiral galaxy is very bright because of its stars, that's why our galaxy is called the milky way because it looks milky and our galaxy(the milky way) is located in one of the arms of a spiral galaxy!

Do you know what is outside milky way Galaxy?

Yes, scientists know what is outside the Milky Way Galaxy. We know that the Andromeda galaxy is outside the Milky Way. The Andromeda is 300 million light years away from earth, and we have also mapped several stars, too.

If there are no real pictures of the milky way galaxy from above how do we know what it looks like?

there is no real pic of god so why would people think hes real

Where do the majority of stars exist?

Outside our (Milky Way) galaxy.

Is the solar system located outside of the Milky Way Galaxy?

No, our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. In the picture above our sun is about halfway to the center of the galaxy.

What is the biggest galexy?

It is unknown for sure but by the way it looks, the Andromeda galaxy is the largest. The Ansromeda galaxy is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way and is about three times the size of the Milky Way.

How do you get a good picture of what your milky way galaxy looks like?

on google.

What stars locate milky galaxy?

Go outside on any clear night and look in the sky. Every star you can see is in the Milky Way Galaxy.

How did you take a picture of the milky way galaxy?

Technically, you cannot take a picture of our own galaxy from outside, as the camera would have to travel tens of thousands of light-years out of the galaxy to do so. However, if you're on Earth, you see a large stream of countless stars in the night sky. That is part of the milky way galaxy. The "pictures" you see in the newspapers are just artists' impressions of how the Milky Way would look, not the actually appearance.

What does the Milky Way look like?

Our Galaxy, the Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy. It means it is spiral in form and has a central bar. Pictures explain the concept better.See related links for a pictorial representation of our galaxy.