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if it is white or clear it means that you are now going into the stage called puberty.


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Don't jump to conclusions as it is quite common for women to have this and it is vaginal discharge. Some women wear pantyliners daily to prevent having this in their underwear.

It is natural for women to produce discharge and it becomes crusty once it has dried. It is just the process of keeping the vagina clean and also to lubricate for intercourse - nothing to worry about i assure you (unless it is brown green or very very yellowy)

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== == It might mean you have a type of discharge, or you may need to take a bath. You should go to the doctor to make sure it is not something serious.

An example of a crusty entree would be pot pie.

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Yes, you can. If you are eating and leaves crumbs all in your underwear, then mice may be attracted to that. They are pretty smart creatures and will go for anything that is organic and left unattended. So if you are wearing the same dirty underwear with organic material in it, you may get bitten, especially if you already have a rodent problem or sleep with crusty underpants.

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Unfortunately you'll hear this in the poorer areas of Britain. A crusty dragon is a crispy booger/bogey. For example: 'SIR! Liam threw a crusty dragon at me!'

Usually when a mouse ear gets crusty its because it has an ear infection or a tick (flea)

Uncle Crusty - 1915 was released on: USA: 2 January 1915

Crusty Demons of Dirt - 1995 was released on: USA: 1995

To be covered with crust.

He fits them for beds by centering the victim on the bed and extending or shortening the victim for a perfect fit. Crusty is a nickname for Procrustes

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they are crusty and live in the ocean

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