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No you can't! You already know that things are at high risk crossing borders now. They'll be checking on you right down to the birth mark on your butt!

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Q: If there is fines and they arent paid can i cross the us border from Canada?
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If you are a naturalized citizen of the us can you cross the us Mexican border with your naturalization certificate?

If you are a US citizen you will never be denied the enter to your country. However, you will need to show a valid passport in order to cross immediately If you don't possess a valid passport, you will be asked to step aside to prove your citizenship, which is a process that might take 10 mins or 2 hours depending on the situation. If you are crossing the border recurrently without a passport you might be subject to fines.

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Like any other EU country, just food that is packed and had been submitted to a approved quality control can cross the border. Any attempt of border crossing with animal and or plants seeds or products made from them, that are not approved drive to apprehension of goods, heavy fines and possible detention until being presented to judge in the next working day.

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What is the fine for driving without insurance in Ontario Canada?

The fines and associated punitive fees for driving without insurance are determined by your jurisdiction.

How do you avoid airline fines?

No its your duty to pay the fines.

Are Cell phone jammers legal in Canada?

Cell phone jammers are, in fact, illegal in Canada You can get a lot of fines

How much are the Fines for steroids in sports?

Steroid fines are $10,000

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Please explain what is a "fines wall"

How do i send a 4 ounce envelope to Canada?

My guess would be just to send it and pay any fines that pop up against ur name.

Fines for possession of 2-3 gs of marijuana in Ontario Canada?

you will be sent to guantamo bay. and your family will be arrested and sent to work as slaves for Macdonalds.

What is the minimum jail time for giving alcohol to a minor in Canada?

In Canada it is a crime to provide or serve alcohol to a minor. The minimum fines are $500 and 6 months in jail, as well as any damages that may occur.

Can bankruptcy discharge legal fines or penalties?

No, it does not discharge legal fines and/or penalties.

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What is the statute of limitation on court fines in Colorado?

There is no statute of limitations on court fines. You can expect a bench warrant to be issued for your arrest if you do not take care of the fines.

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There is no past tense of the word "fines," because it is a noun. But, if in a pastly sentence then it would be: I got a fine, or I got many fines.

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Car crash fines can differ depending on its damage.