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If there is fire safety are there more types of safety?


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Yes, there are "types of safety" for just about anything dangerous that people perform while at jobs or while on public ways or in places open to the public.

For instance, there are: highway safety for the roads and passenger safety in airplanes; "occupational safety" or industrial safety (OSHA and similar rules elsewhere); scientific laboratory safety; school safety; construction safety; public safety (police, lifeguards, firefighters, EMS, etc); etc.


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What is the goal of the following types of safety education: community, fire and life.

Here are some careers in fire safety: Fire Safety engineer Fire Safety inspector Fire Safety director Fire investigator firefighters

The safety symbol for fire safety is usually a little fire. This is to show that a substance is flammable for example.

There is no acronym for fire safety

Following a fire at the Bradford City football grounds a committee examined the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975. They recommended that the Act be rewritten as the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act. This gave more powers to the local building control authority and fire authority.

Fire safety is important because in a fire, people need know how to react and what to do. If they are well educated about fire safety they will be well prepared if a fire starts.

There is no one fire safety phrase.

friction matches can catch on fire like rapid fire and safety matches are more safe and secure

Fire safety precautions are tasks taken to fire or minimize losses from it.

Fire safety standards for all types of business were instituted and enforced.

There is no such thing as "safety hygiene."There are several kinds of "hygiene," which means cleanliness. The types include:Personal hygieneDental HygieneIndustrial or Occupational HygieneThere are also a variety of things that can be intended when the word "safety" is used. These include:Public Safety (Police, Fire Service, etc.)Traffic SafetyIndustrial Safety (dealing with injuries and property damage at work)Fire SafetyMarine Safety

The safety company Brady sells several types of fire extinguisher signs online as well as the store Staples. If looking for a more vintage sign then eBay is a good website to find them on.

Fire Safety Journal was created in 1977.

It is important to comply with fire safety legislation because if you don't you are more likely to have a fire that could hurt or kill people or damage or destroy your home or business. You may also get in trouble with the Fire Department.

Fire safety was not invented, it developed over hundreds or perhaps thousands of years as people learned more ways of preventing fires from burning down their homes and towns.

fire the friend ,fire the foe

There are several ISO requirements for building fire safety. The most specific would be ISO/TS 24679:2011; Fire safety engineering -- Performance of structures in fire. The parent ISO standard is ISO/TC 92 - Fire safety.

There is a great video call "Fire Safety for kids" that explains to children the importance of fire safety. You can find this video at

The science lab in my High School, has both a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher to deal with fires. We have more safety equipment than that- but that's what we'd use incase of fire.

The people responsible for fire arms safety are the people who are handling the fire arms.

yes, the fire safety of places of sport act 1987 was done in east london and then the

I believe you mean Fire Safety Concept Tree Very basically : it is a systems based methodology for assisting firefighters to achieve specific fire safety goals and objectives, identifying tools to help them communicate fire safety and fire protection concepts so they can develop effective strategies and solutions.

fire is a hot gas the types of fires are : openfires, forest fires, roaringf fire

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