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Yes, but it all depends on the feelings of the other party. They may still love you, but not be able to get past the feelings of betrayal from being cheated on, or the other way round. It takes time to build trust after something like this, and you must also ask yourself why you or the other person cheated? Were you/they looking for affection they were not receiving at home? Were they having doubts about the relationship etc. Talk it over with your ex. Yes, there's always hope. Infidelity, whether emotional or physical, can strain a relationship to its breaking point and trust can take years to build back fully, but it can be done. Having lived through this scenario and being currently extremely happy in my relationship, I'd suggest couples counseling as a forum in which you can both talk about the situation while using an objective moderator. I was never fond of therapists, but having someone to walk us through our feelings, doubts and fears so we could find solututions and figure out what we really wanted was invaluable. If it's worth it, do the work. Good luck. There is still hope, it will take marraige counceling and a lot of work. Trust will come back to the relationship with time.

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Q: If there was one partner that cheated in a relationship could there be hope of saving it if both people are still in love with each other but you have been apart for a year?
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What should you do if you are unhappy with the way things are going in your relationship but even if you ignore or avoid the person you still love them?

Any two people can love eachother. It takes mature and committed people to make a relationship work. Loving a person doesn't matter if you are generally unhappy in the relationship. If the relationship is worth saving, it is time to sit down and have a talk with your partner and go into 'couples therapy.'

What is the relationship between forgiving and forgetting?

Forgiving is giving your partner another chance for them to prove themselves to be worthy of you and being able to repair your tortured heart. Forgetting is being able to obliterate the hurt that your partner created in your relationship. Both mixed together create the perfect plan in saving a broken relationship.

How can you get even with your girlfriend she cheated on?

Why get even? If the relationship is worth saving then forgive her and move on, if not then dump her and move on. Two wrongs do not make a right and it is immature to think that the way to fix the problem would be to "get back at her".

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How do you save an adulterous marriage?

Saving an adulterous marriage starts with the conscious decision of both partners to improve upon their relationship with one another. After that decision is made, it may be best to see a psychologist who can act as a mediator and breed trust once again. Together, you will work together to end your extramarrital affairs and, hopefully, have a flourishing relationship with one another. If your concern is that you have the desire to improve upon your relationship and your partner does not, I recommend, if you are able, talking with your partner about your honest intentions. Let your partner know that you recognize the problems in your relationship with him or her, and see if he or she is willing to begin relationship counseling.

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How do you go about recovering from infidelity and possibly rebuild your marriage?

First decide - is my life better with this person or without? If you decide the marriage is worth saving, you are both going to have to do a lot of painful work to fix it. Saving the relationship has to be the priority in life for both of you - I would suggest you start by getting therapy, together and apart. Discover why one cheated and why one let their partner get away with it. Why did you (as a couple) move away from each other. It might be good to do this in the security of a therapists office, away from home. With the counselor able to point out what each of you are not seeing.

How do you save a breakup?

To save a relationship, one must have trust in the other and know if it's acually worth saving. Have some type of communication between eachother. Know why one would end the relationship in the first place. <you dont> if it was meant to be it was meant to be. but dont be stuck in a relationship you or ur partner doesnt wanna be in.

How do I forgive my 45yo boyfriend after he cheated with a 21 yo?

Get counseling. It's important to remember that the affair isn't about you. It's a break in your boyfriend's integrity. You can forgive but it is very hard work. Counseling is essential for both of you if you think that the relationship is worth saving.

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Some people want affairs for several reasons: They are bored in their marriage and want more excitement. Some people cheat because they are taking risks that they will get caught and some may get a high of excitement over this. Other people can have love affairs because they are lonely in their relationship and not getting the attention and love they feel they need. Some people cannot to commit to one person or, others may feel they want to regain their youth and know they are still attractive enough to attract the opposite sex. The resolution to the problem is not to cheatbut to sit down with their partner and communicate their feelings to see if the relationship is worth saving or not and if so then they can get counseling or, if they feel they have grown apart it is best to be honest with their partner and breakup.

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