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you can only reposses a car that has out standing payments. unless you are involved in crime and have profited through illegal activities then both cars can be repossesed.however if you have only defaulted payments on one car then your other car is safe.

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What is the deference between a 1973 Plymouth satellite and a 1973 Plymouth roadrunner?

The cars were the same other than the fact that they had different options for the interior and other small details. In fact it is not at all hard to take one of those cars and transform them into the other one.

Can repo men enter some one elses property to reposses a tool box?

not really

I'm getting a divorce I need to know if both our names are on the car registration can the wife reposses the car even though I'm paying for it?

If you're in California and both of your names are on the car you both have a say so in what happens to it. One may want to give the other half the blue book value or you may agree to give it to your wife in the divorce settlement. Whichever the case one must consult the other before they reposses, sell, junk, etc., the car.

Can cars sit on top of each other?

Cars can't sit. They park. Auto wrecking yards stack cars one on top of the other several high but they are damaged in the process.

Popular cars in 1983?

I only know one and that's is tauras gud luck for other cars

If they repossess your vehicle can anything happen to the other vehicles that you own in your name?

No, Not unless you used one of the other cars as collateral for the loan that bought the car the was repossessed. Then they can take the collateral too.

At 65mph how long will it take you to get to venus?

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How many cars does one bus take off the road?


What types of Cars can one purchase from Karl Malone's Toyota shop?

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What organizations can one donate old cars to?

One can donate old cars to 1-800-Charity Cars, Donate a Car, Habitat for Humanity, Car Angel and Goodwill. Schools and churches may also accept cars and other vehicles for donation.

Where can one find muscle cars for sale?

Muscle cars can usually be found online. Try Ebay or Amazon for the lowest prices. Also take a look at the Auto Trader, Fossil Cars and Cars Direct websites.

Why do people get headaches in cars?

because if one person farts the other has to suffer

What is purpius of car?

the purpose of cars is for transporting people from one place to the other

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Where are Mitsubishi shogun cars made?

Mitsubishi shogun cars come off the assembly line in Sakahogi, Japan. There are other factories but this is the one that specifically produces shogun cars.

Can you say a row of cars?

If you're asking if "a row of cars" is grammatically correct, the answer is yes. People tend to think of a 'row of cars' as being cars parked side by side, such as in a parking lot, and a 'line of cars' as cars lined up, one in front of the other.

Why is that in some of the cars Reverse parking light is given only on one side of the tail lamp?

In some cars, the reverse parking light is given only on one side of the tail lamp because the other light is either broken or burnt out. Take your car to the shop to get the light replaced.

How long does an auto alignment take?

Alignments on a car usually take around 15-20 minutes, one hour tops. If it takes longer than that, the auto workers might be busy with other customers cars.

Where could one donate a car if one was Jewish?

Jewish people just like every other person can donate cars on websites like Kidney Cars, American Diabetes Association, Donate A Car or Cars for a Cure.

Where can I compare specific hybrid cars?

One can compare specific hybrid cars at different places one place I saw when i researches was edmunds or though there were many other sites you are able to compare specific hybrid cars.

How long does it take a pit crew to repair a race car?

If you means pit stops, Nascar cars take about 14 seconds for four tires and fuel. Indy cars and Formula One cars take about 7 or 8 seconds because their fuel is pressurized and they are allowed more people over the wall.

Where is Telsa's cabin on mystery train island?

It is in one of the cars where other guests are staying.

What are some online sites one can use to compare cars?

The most popular website used to compare cars in There are other websites that discuss the merits and downsides of cars, such as and

What are other ways of running cars that won't hurt the atmosphere?

We could use the newly developed hybrid cars but the problem is not everyone can afford one.

Where are good used cars sale? is by far the best website to get information about used cars. There are other good websites too but this is one is the best.