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The distance from the Earth to Saturn is 1.003 billion miles. The time it would take to make this trip traveling at a speed of 200,000 kilometers per hour is 336.3 days.

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How big is Saturn in kilometers?

Saturn has a diameter of about 120,536 kilometers.

What is the diameter of Saturn in kilometers?

the diameter is 120,536 kilometers

How many years does Saturn have?

Saturn has about 3 thousand years left

Which planet have thousand ring?


How is far is Saturn from the sun in kilometers?

Saturn is about 9.5 AU from the sun. Saturn is about 1,421,200,000 km from the sun.

What is the distance between Saturn and Jupiter in kilometers?

30 billion kilometers

How many kilometers in between Saturn and the Earth?

1216 Billion Kilometers

What is the diameter of saturn at the equator?

the diameter of Saturn is 74,900 miles (120,540 kilometers).

What is Saturn distance from the sun?

The average distance of Saturn from the sun is approximately 1,435,000,000 kilometers. The shortest distance (perihelion) is about 1,352,000,000 kilometers, and the greatest distance (aphelion) is about 1,517,000,000 kilometers.

What is the distance from Saturn to the sun measured in kilometers?

The average distance is 1,433,449,370 kilometers.

How Saturn how many distance from the sun in million kilometers?

The answer is 1.5 billion kilometers.

What is the distance from the sun to Saturn?

The distance is from the sun to Saturn is around 2.7 billion kilometers.

What is the size of Saturn in kilometers?

Adam is the best

Winds on Saturn?

about 1800 kilometers an hour

How far away is titan from Saturn?

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It is about 759,220 miles from Saturn, which is equal to 1,221,850 kilometers.

Can you go to Saturn?

Unmanned spacecraft have been send to explore Saturn and several of its moons. No current or planned manned spacecraft are capable of travelling there.

How many kilometers is saturn away from the sun?

The planet Saturn is 1,426,666,422 kilometers away from the sun. This is equivalent to 886 million miles and is the sixth planet from the sun.

How far is Saturn fromthe sun in km?

Saturn is 1,429 million kilometers away from the sun.

What is the diameter of Saturn in miles and in kilometers?

120.540 km

What is the diameter km in Saturn?

120,536 kilometers in diameter.

How far is Saturn from the sun in killagrams?

Grams (kilo, micro, whatever) are a measurement of weight, not distance. Distance is Meters - Kilometers, etc. Saturn is 1,429,400,000 Kilometers from the Sun.

How many kilometers per second slower is the Saturn from Jupiter?

5,644 kilometers per second

What is the distance from Saturn to Jupiter?

The distance between Saturn to Jupiter is 4.34 AU. An astronomical unit or AU is equal to 150 million kilometers. This distance is about 651 million kilometers.

What planet has a thousand rings?

Neither. Saturn only has 34.

What are the winds on Saturn like?

They can be up to one thousand mph

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