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Yes most likely you are Congratulations just to be sure make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible they will perform a blood test that is a lot more accurate than the home tests and they will also give you your prenatal vitamins and begin your prenatal care so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and your baby will grow healthy....GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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2006-03-31 06:07:07
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Q: If two different brands of home pregnancy tests say positive then am I pregnant?
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Can you get a false positive different brands pregnancy test twice in the same day?

No. False positives are extremely rare, it would be incredibly unlikely that you'd have two false positives with two different brands of pregnancy test. Good luck with your pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant if you took a home pregnancy test got a positive but got your period on the same day?

It is possible since some pregnant women experience spotting. To be sure, it is advised to at least use 2 different brands of pregnancy tests and try to test in the morning so that you can get more accurate results.

How do you see if the test is positive in pregnancy test device?

Instructions and everything is explained on the box. It can vary between different brands.

Your stomach hurts and feels like I'm going to throw up but you took a pregnancy test and came up negative what does it mean?

This could mean that you are pregnant. Or not. Try different pregnancy test brands and see what the results are. A pregnancy test isn't always 100% accurate.

Can you take a pregnancy test and it say positive but not be pregnant?

Pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate. Some brands will show a positive reading after 10 mins even if you aren't, so it is important to always read the test when the instructions for the test say to. I don't trust pregnancy tests now as I did 6 pregnancy test and only one showed a positive result, even the test at the dr showed negative and after doing 2 bloodtests over 2 days did i know that i was in fact pregnant and yet i was 6 wks.Pregnancy tests test the pregnancy hormone level in your urine. It is very important to look at the instructions on the box, and read the test when it says to read it.For some women, they don't produce enough hormone for the test to register that they are in fact pregnant. A false positive is a very rare occurrence, however.Chances are, if you got a positive, then yes, you're probably pregnant.

How do you know if an answer pregnancy test came up positive?

You read the instructions on the box. It says right there what the test will look like of it's positive. It differs between brands.

Your last mensturaion period is on 16th June and 14th July you tested pregnancy using pregnancy kit and you got slight color in test is it positive?

According to the instruction sheets included with all brands of pregnancy tests that I myself am familiar with, any color change, no matter how faint, indicates a positive result.

Can a pregnancy test give you a false positive?

They sometimes can, and that's why it's a good idea to use a few different ones (different brands) if you want to be really sure. They can especially give a false positive if they're past the expiration date, or also for other reasons like hGC injections and some illnesses. The most common reason to get a false positive is making a mistake in doing the test.

Can you get pregnant while switching brands of birth control patch?

You can't get pregnant from switching brands of birth control patch as long as you have a patch on during the appropriate days, and aren't late in putting on the new patch. If you go more than seven days without a patch, you may be at risk for pregnancy.

Are doctors pregnancy tests accurate?

I just went to a free clinic this week, after getting a positive pregnancy test on a Walgreens' digital home test, and five faint positive on different brands of +/- tests, all unfortunately in blue dye. (Recently discovered the blue dye has a bad rep for falsies) My two pee tests a the clinic were negative, so I payed twenty dollars for blood work. I am having symptoms up the you -know of pregnancy, and think I am sure of my conception date, which was a little less than fourteen days ago. I have been pregnant before, so I think that I am pregnant, and that the clinic ones are not sensitive enough to the HCG, and I don't care if they said it was below 5. I had so many psuedo positives and a "pregnant" digital, I got excited, and am waiting it out to feel heartbroken- at least until my symptoms go away. -Liz D

Is sleeplessness a symptom of pregnancy?

== Pregnancy symptoms== It can be, but if it's your only symptom, you're probably not pregnant. If you aren't sure, take a home pregnancy test (HPT) or go see a doctor for a blood test. Inexpensive store brands of HPTs work just as well as the expensive ones.

Can I take Zyrtec during my pregnancy?

I just went to the allergist to determine what meds were safe for pregnancy. She took me off the Allegra and recommended Claritin in the morning and Zyrtec at night. Generic brands are fine. She said to NOT get Claritin-D or anything with the D since that hasn't been approved for women who are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant.

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